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Give It/What I Get – [HUNJIYA]

By Seamus Fay // 18 Jun 2019

Every single day, multiple times a day, I find myself scrolling through SoundCloud looking for new artists to write about. Few and far in between are the artists that I find myself latching onto, but when one of these artists finally does come around, I always try and figure out why I’m so allured by their music. In the case of my latest discovery — HUNJIYA and the incredible new song, “Give It/What I Get — the reason for my sparked interest is that of knowing oneself and one’s team in an artistic sense. From the very opening seconds up until the switch up and the eventual end of this two-part offering, it’s clear that everyone involved didn’t just know their role, but rather, they knew how to play as a team. If I hadn’t read the credits of the song in the description on SoundCloud, I truly would have never guessed that this was a collaborative effort. The seamless marriage between production, lyrics, deliveries, aesthetic, and everything in between honors cohesivity more than anything else, and resulting is an unbelievable song with a dream team of collaborators as the masterminds behind the job. That said, not only is “Give It/What …

Rich MF – [Yella Beezy]

By Seamus Fay // 18 Jun 2019

In general, when thinking of the music scene down in Texas, my mind tends to resort to the styles and sounds coming out of Houston. But this isn’t all that Texas has to offer — in fact, there’s something seriously notable going on in Dallas right now, and budding star Yella Beezy is here to make sure we know about it with his latest music video for “Rich MF.” First things first — as I’m sure you might have been able to tell by the sound of this one — “Rich MF” is produced by none other than the legend himself, Pharrell. Few and far in between are the artists who can boast a Pharrell production spot, so in case you didn’t think Beezy was on like that, I just wanted to make sure you were well-informed. Second off, considering the unique sound of the beat and its eclectic, haunting, and downright catchy style, it’s easy to understand why the new video for “Rich MF” has done such high numbers over the last few days. Yella Beezy’s luxurious look and effortless charisma simply can’t be touched, and the expensive, ice-cold aesthetic of “Rich MF” is sure to attest. That said, in …

Can’t Go Back – [Kojey Radical]

By Seamus Fay // 18 Jun 2019

Being that “Can’t Go Back” is my first introduction to an artist by the name of Kojey Radical, I may not have much added context to inform my decision, but honestly, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year long. Crisp, polished, and deeply energetic, this offering is sure to rattle some feathers and make you dance along, all without losing its artful purpose and flashy soul. Radical’s energy is simply untouchable, and all the way from the lively, bursting brass to the skillful flows and dense lyricism, he doesn’t lose his balance for one second, maintaining a remarkably high level of artistry throughout. That said, as fantastic as the song is, I can’t help but divert your attention to the excellence of the music video here, as well. The background setting — a gray, aged warehouse — may not be too striking by itself, but Kojey Radical is sure to account for this, filling the entire with his abundant excitement and must-watch talents. Between the dancing, singing, and downright losing of the mind that goes on throughout this video, it’s impossible to say that “Can’t Go Back” isn’t an entertaining release, especially with the raw aggression …

Watch Greentea Peng Perform “Downers” on COLORS

By Seamus Fay // 17 Jun 2019

Aside from being one of the best performing platforms in regards to artistic integrity and overall aesthetic, it can’t be understated that COLORS has also grown its reputation as one of the better tastemakers in the music world. Seemingly every week, at this point, I find myself discovering a new artist from the COLORS YouTube channel, just as was the case with London native Greentea peng and her new performance of a song called “Downers.” Highlighted with a smooth green background — likely in reference to both her name and sound — this performance brings the emotional impact of “Downers” to a new level. Each and every single one of Peng’s lyrics take listeners deeper into her introspective state, and the artful way in which she reflects on drug use only heightens the stakes of the song. Needless to say, not only does this episode hit hard in regards to the pure beauty of the performance, but the fact that it’s also the premiere of a previously unreleased song pushes the power of “Downers” twofold. In my eyes, few COLORS performances hit as hard as this one, and all in all, Peng snapped in both her performance and in the decision …

Palm Trees EP – [Lucas]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Jun 2019

Being from Massachusetts myself, I always try to make sure I’m hip to whose who in the state’s growing music scene. Even so, every once in a while, a gem will slip through the cracks only to be discovered at a later point in time, just as was the case with an artist named Lucas and his latest EP, Palm Trees. Just 5 tracks in length, the pop-induced liveliness of this project makes Palm Trees a surefire contender for soundtrack of the summer. Lucas’ excitable deliveries connect upon contact at each and every chance they get, and as a result, it’s only right to say that this EP simply doesn’t have a dull point. Few artists are able to create such a polished and infectious listening experience for their audience, but even at an early stage in his career, Lucas lets loose a masterful display of just this with his new EP. That said, Palm Trees leads me to believe that there just might be another Massachusetts star coming out of the pipeline, so I’ll be listening to Palm Trees and learning everything I can about who this artist really is throughout the remaining months of the summer. Admittedly, I don’t know anything about this …

Watch Millyz Freestyle on Showoff Radio

By Seamus Fay // 17 Jun 2019

They don’t come much realer than Cambridge artist Millyz. Whether talking about his undying hometown pride and loyalty or his unmatched storytelling skills, Millyz always seems to rise to the top, and for these reasons and more, it’s clear why the budding talent has found a home in the rare breed of artists who live every word that they say. Not only is Millyz appealing in a sonic sense, but his lifestyle and personality back up the music and form an appeal much deeper than some beats and rhymes. That said, it’s always fantastic to see Millyz receiving the opportunities he deserves to showcase his skills, and today, we see this in the form of his new freestyle on Showoff Radio with fellow Massachusetts native, Statik Selektah. Hopping on a classic Jay Z instrumental, this has to be the best freestyle I’ve seen in quite a while. Millyz’ effortless allure and seamless, machine-like rhymes flow along the beat with ease, and even further, he’s not just rapping to rap — every single word here means something and every line is quotable, making this a perfect display of Millyz’ overwhelming lyrical prowess. I don’t know many other rappers, if any, who …

400$ Shirt – [Baby Smoove]

By Seamus Fay // 16 Jun 2019

Rap, by nature, tends to be a braggadocious genre. Artists are always looking for new ways to flex their success and proclaim their status — whether it be in comparison to other artists or in a materialistic sense — yet there never seems to be a shortage of new ways to do so. Every once in a while, I’ll hear a new artist whose style of braggadocio not only deviates from its counterparts, but actually trumps the rest, and today, I think I’ve discovered just this in Baby Smoove and his brand new single, “400$ Shirt.” Produced by none other than one of the underground’s best producers out right now in Wiardon, the flute-ridden melody and fast-paced drumlines that structure this song give Smoove the perfect sonic background for the occasion. Naturally, the budding artist obliges with a dense supply of clever brags and intoxicating flows, using his laid-back allure as the leading factor of the song’s style. That said, “400$ Shirt” is the kind of song that you can throw on replay all day without losing interest. Both Smoove and Wiardon snapped on this one, and to say that Smoove is creating his own style is an understatement. The …

Spaceships Demoh – [Elujay]

By Seamus Fay // 16 Jun 2019

Sure, it’s always great to hear new music from our favorite artists, but in many cases, it feels even more personal and intriguing to hear the music or the drafts that didn’t make the final cut. Demos, half-finished snippets, and even throwaways tell us so much about the creative process, and for this reason and more, they’re always a great way to get fans engaged in the magic that goes down behind the scenes. Today, providing us just this, Elujay is here to drop off the demo for one of my favorite songs of his, “Spaceships.” Coming straight off of his new album, this demo is certainly odd to hear considering that I’m used to the song taking on an entirely different style, but nevertheless, it’s a fantastic listen. Elujay has developed himself into a must-watch artist of today’s age, and to hear the progression that this song, in particular, took to reach its final form is absolutely fascinating. Needless to say, Elujay is killing it even on his demos, and for this reason and more, I can’t help but be ecstatic for future releases from the budding star. In the meantime, however, we can stream the album and check out Elujay’s …