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Wasted Effort – [JustWarrenPeace]

By Seamus Fay // 25 Mar 2019

Thanks to my man @gregisonfire‘s new playlist, I was hipped to an artist by the name of JustWarrenPeace this morning, and after hearing the song “Wasted Effort,” I simply had to turn to LL and cover this one. Backed by an ethereal instrumental and packaged with flashes of bubbling melodies and infectious bass kicks, “Wasted Effort” most notably allows JustWarrenPeace the opportunity to showcase his abilities as a lyricist. Naturally so, he rises to the challenge of playing alongside such a free-minded beat, simply floating atop the production without a hint of friction. With this, as a listener, my first impression of JustWarrenPeace certainly left me impressed, and the cadences with which he complemented this beat were simply perfect in pushing the track’s sun-soaked sound forward. That said, “Wasted Effort” is certainly a worthwhile listen, so check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by IHateMago

Stuntin – [Baby Sosa]

By Seamus Fay // 25 Mar 2019

For those who have been keeping up with Lyrical Lemonade lately, we recently covered an anthemic offering by the name of “EVERYWHEREIGO” from Virginia artist Baby Sosa. Anthemic by all means yet noticeably hard to put a finger on why I loved it so much, I’ve been listening to Baby Sosa quite a bit this week, and thankfully so, she’s back today to drop off a brand new single, “Stuntin”. Produced by WHOISDONNY, this offering follows up “EVERYWHEREIGO” in its ability to entertain in such an eclectic, off-the-wall manner. Baby Sosa’s style is impossible to put into words, but her off-kilter flows and mysteriously captivating cadences will leave you clicking replay again and again, regardless of whether or not you understand why you love it so much. With this, “Stuntin” is a braggadocious offering at heart, allowing the rising talent’s inimitable confidence to electrify listeners, one line at a time. That said, Baby Sosa is paving her own lane and refusing to follow trends right now, so don’t sleep. She’s on her way to having quite the prosperous year in 2019, and as such, I would highly recommend listening to “Stuntin” below to get acclimated with her wonderfully unique style!

No More – [Ariel Days]

By Seamus Fay // 25 Mar 2019

One metric by which the power of music can be measured is that of a given song’s ability to transport listeners. When a song can take you into a reality far from your own simply by its sound, then you know it’s a special one, just as is the case with Ariel Days’ latest song, “No More.” Combining a mesmerizing set of guitar riffs with some dreamy vocals, this song makes me feel like I’m floating away in a field somewhere, getting lost in the music even as I sit at my desk in my dorm room. Simply thanks to the way that Ariel Days’ so vividly constructs a world of sound around their music, they’re able to communicate this transportive feeling in the most authentic of ways, making “No More” a must-listen for all of our readers out there, regardless of where they may be located. I promise you, this song has the ability to let you escape for a bit, so show some love and give it a try by listening at the link below!

Goin Baby – [DaBaby]

By Seamus Fay // 25 Mar 2019

  Whether on YouTube or pretty much any social media platform right now, you simply can’t avoid the name DaBaby. Energetic as can be and captivating in every single line he delivers, DaBaby is ubiquitous in the music world, and for all the right reasons, as the pure strength and volume of his releases never fail to impress. Today, fresh off of a brand new interview with Nardwaur at SXSW, the man himself is back on our pages with a brand new music video for “Goin Baby.” While I could talk about the energy that Baby brings into this one, just as he always does, I’d rather point to the fact that this budding star never seems to take himself too seriously. On the mic and off, DaBaby truly seems to be having fun with it, and the hilarity that ensues in the “Goin Baby” video is proof. Da Baby is one of the wildest success stories that we’ve seen in 2019 so far, and it’s always refreshing to see that he’s still enjoying himself as much as possible. “Goin Baby” is a must-watch, so be sure to check this one out below and let us know what you think …

Safe Mode – [mikefellow] ft. [Clem Lo]

By Seamus Fay // 23 Mar 2019

Here to make his presence known on the Lyrical Lemonade pages today, an artist by the name of mikefellow is back to unveil his brand new single, “Safe Mode,” alongside Clem Lo. Low-fi in sound and certainly eccentric in regards to flow, this offering immediately strikes listeners with a hazy atmosphere, communicating an off-the-wall style that simply you can’t help connect to in an oddly captivating way. In additional, lyrically, “Safe Mode” is illustrative, consistently painting a picture with its clever and oddly relatable lines, one after another. At its core, the otherworldly appeal of this release is certainly hard to put into words, so I’ll just let the music speak for itself here. Be sure to show some love to mikefellow and Clem Lo by streaming “Safe Mode” at the link below! Produced by Half Stepper

Aloha – [10k.Caash] [G.U.N.]

By Seamus Fay // 23 Mar 2019

10k.Caash, the legendary creator of my personal favorite internet-born dance right now, the Woah, is an entertainer at heart. Whether it be displayed through Triller videos posted on Instagram or in his music, 10k never ceases to have a good time, bringing up the spirits of everyone around him in the process. Today, the one-man party is here alongside G.U.N. with a brand new single, “Aloha.” Produced by Kenny Beats, “Aloha” has the firepower to take over any club in the world right now, and it’s been doing just that in 10k’s native Texas. Fueled with a supply of Earth-shattering bass and playful, yet hard-nosed deliveries, each of the two artists on this one create an endlessly fun release, turning things up with just under 90 seconds of music. Needless to say, the only option after “Aloha” ends is to run it back and continue dancing, packaging this one with just as much replay value as it has energy. Don’t sleep on one of the internet’s most captivating personalities right now — show some love to 10k.Caash and stream “Aloha” below!

Rollin’ Stone – [Kyle Lux]

By Seamus Fay // 23 Mar 2019

Every day, a new artist makes their debut into the music world, and while many would consider their first release a simple introduction to what’s to come, an artist by the name of Kyle Lux is here to treat it just the opposite. Swinging for the fences with his debut single, “Rollin’ Stone,” Lux puts it all out there, letting loose a song shimmering with soul that you simply can’t help but lose yourself in. Between his therapeutic vocal runs and deeply charismatic presence on the song, this is a debut worth paying attention to, setting the tone for what I can confidently predict will be quite a prosperous career for Lux in the future. That said, “Rollin’ Stone” honestly speaks for itself, so don’t sleep on this one. Get lost with this Kyle Lux soundtrack and stream the enticing debut below! Written by Kyle Lux Produced by SkinnyDip Mixed by David Nakaji


By Seamus Fay // 22 Mar 2019

In the streaming age of music, complete, unique ideas and albums are often compromised for the sake of quick appeal. Whether accredited to monetary gain, the ease of finding success via trend-hopping, or for the sake of virality, a considerable portion of popular music has continuously turned away from quality in favor of pure volume and therefore, increased streams. However, while this idea certainly caters to the general consensus of decreasing attention spans, it certainly doesn’t condemn the success of the groups and artists who take the opposite route, putting out full albums and achieving growth through quality releases and authenticity. Certainly, this might come at the cost of time, but in the eyes of longevity, artists can still make a lasting impact in this way, just as New York city band LAUNDRY DAY is opting to do. Comprised of 5 members — Etai, Sawyer, HW, HP, and Jude — LAUNDRY DAY is an operation born out of friendship. Reflected in the pure cohesivity of their three projects to date (including their latest, HOMESICK), the group works as a whole, communicating impassioned, undeniably genuine accounts of the life and emotions that they know best. Sonically, LAUNDRY DAY’s versatility plays into …