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Valentina – [Serena Isioma]

By Seamus Fay // 20 Oct 2019

Appearing on our pages several times in the past, Serena Isioma is an artist of soul, if not anything else. With every new release, she infuses undeniable character into her music, even blurring the lines of the artist-listener relationship by singing with a tint of eye-level personability. This inviting personality, mixed with smooth vocal talents and striking songwriting abilities to match, makes Isioma a clear act to watch, just as her decadent new single, “Valentina,” is sure to attest. Detailing the allure of a love interest met only once, “Valentina” arrives with a sense of affectionate longing that refuses to go unnoticed. It’s love, but with a certain air of curiosity, and one that drives the visions of attraction that best characterize the subject of the song. This fervent emotion, supported by a foundation of glowing intimacy, soaks itself into every aspect of the release, all the way from the enchanting vocals to the relaxing roll of production. Isioma leaves it all on the table with “Valentina,” and the result is a dreamy offering that pushes her artistry in the purest, most refreshing way possible. Stream the new single here: Produced by C Medina Co-mixed & Mastered by Serena Isioma & …

Oh Well – [Loneli]

By Seamus Fay // 20 Oct 2019

A hot topic of conversation in the music world as of late has been the “death of SoundCloud.” In regards to where many listeners are finding new music, sure, this holds merit. However, I don’t know that I would say SoundCloud will ever really “die,” per se, mainly due to its culture-shifting barriers to entry. Nowadays, even while less artists post official new releases on their accounts, more and more talents are beginning to post demos, unreleased cuts, and more — none of which have aggregated over to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Quite clearly, the role of SoundCloud may have changed, but its DIY spirit certainly hasn’t left, just as I continue to find in the form of random gems, the most recent of which goes by “Oh Well” from an artist named Loneli. 2 minutes long, stripped to some vocals and a guitar, “Oh Well” has the sense of homegrown authenticity that so clearly epitomized the SoundCloud platform in the first place. Straight from the heart, the song bleeds emotion in each and every note, even while lacking the polished professionalism that you may hear from a top 10 radio single. However, I’d argue that “Oh Well” does more …

Did Ya Do It – [Grandma]

By Seamus Fay // 20 Oct 2019

Grandma is one of my favorite upcoming artists right now. Having delved into a wide variety of genres throughout his catalog thus far, the Atlanta native never seems to get bored of pushing the bounds, and quite clearly, neither do his fans. Even at such an early stage in his career, Grandma has listeners deeply invested in his artistic progression — a rare notion for a young artist and yet, a key ingredient toward longevity in an ever-changing world of music. Today, stretching the borders of sound just that much more, Grandma is here with yet another new single, “Did Ya Do It.” Unfit to be placed in any one box, the new song is a reminder that Grandma is ready to be anything but static. His artistic identity is a malleable one, and his talents are equally as free-flowing, but the one thing that won’t change is the high bar for quality across all of the rising act’s releases. Even when throwing an 808 into a song probably closer to alternative than hip-hop, Grandma remains conscious of staying genuine in the face of experimentation, always taking bold steps with intention. The result of this calculated ambition is a naturally-compelling …

Can’t Wait To Find U – [Hayes]

By Seamus Fay // 20 Oct 2019

Gracing our pages twice within the past few weeks, Atlanta native Hayes is becoming somewhat of a frequent flyer here at Lyrical Lemonade, and rightfully so. Boasting a notably honest sense of self, the budding talent keeps things authentic above anything else, constantly setting forth a genuine footprint of songwriting — and character progression — within each successive release. Today, maintaining his win streak with a bit of a curveball, Hayes is back with a new song entitled “Can’t Wait To Find U.” Contrasting his past two releases, “Can’t Wait To Find U” leaves things on a more upbeat note, packaging heart-led curiosity within a slew of lively rhythms and soul-stricken lines of melody. The lyrics, meanwhile, are among Hayes’ finest to date, and the guitar-plucking sonics are sure to play on this intersection of elements, allowing the song to move forward as one, cohesive unit from the first second to the last. With that said, while “Can’t Wait To Find U” may stray from what we’re used to hearing from Hayes thus far, it’s a reminder that his artistry reigns over far more than one sound, one emotion, and one story. Hayes is a talent built to last, and quite …

Everywhere’s Home – [Haich Ber Na]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2019

Subjectivity is a driving element of both music creation and consumption, but I like to think that to some degree, there exists universality in certain sounds, almost transcendent of this subjective nature. This is exactly the grounds through which London artist Haich Ber Na’s new EP — Everywhere’s Home — seems to exist. Hinting at this idea of widespread applicability in its title, the EP isn’t easily-digestible by the metric of pop radio, for example, but it’s just unique enough that anyone can listen and find something they resonate with. Haich Ber Na refuses to limit himself to one sound, or even one genre, and the result of such striking, in-motion creativity is that it’s a home for all — a sonic atmosphere in which, taste and preference aside, we can all be moved in some way by such an emotion-driven creation. With this, in just 5 tracks, Everywhere’s Home is probably the least *forgettable* release I’ve heard in quite some time. In the streaming era, it’s easy to listen through a project, even enjoy it, and then move onto the next new release a week later. With Everywhere’s Home, though, this isn’t so easy. Each song seems to dig deeper into an almost …

MBS (Mind Body Soul) – [Meech]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2019

As it often goes in life, we learn the most in the hardest of times. Understanding that there will be personal growth out of a tough stretch certainly isn’t easy to come to terms with, but it’s an essential factor for making it through, day to day. Under this thematic umbrella is where the latest release from Massachusetts artist Meech exists. Entitled “MBS (Mind Body Soul),” the song is described by Meech as a “reflective piece that came from a place of doubt,” and certainly works to such an extent. Leaving pure honesty on the table, from introspective thoughts to questions of love, direction, and more, “MBS” is a chance to wind down, sit back, and think for a moment. Sonically, it feels like a weight lifted from the shoulders, weaving sincere vocals into gentle drums and a refreshing burst of melody. As Meech lets his thoughts flow throughout the song, the relationship between audience and listener progressively gains a sense of familiarity, as the intimacy in such genuine thoughts steer the song’s identity. Boiling these elements into one, cohesive mix, it’s the lack of ego and pure reflection that allow “MBS” to work in such a special way — the …

FACE – [Groupthink]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2019

Every artist has their thing, their differentiating factor. For Groupthink, I’ve always found this to be the budding talent’s marriage between melody and songwriting. Candid, but never insincere, he finds a perfect balance of relatability and impactful storytelling, meshing this captivating voice with a keen sense for sound. As a result, Groupthink melodies tend to get stuck in your head before you even know the lyrics, and then, as the lyrics start to uncover themselves in memory, a second aha! moment arrives, always better than the last. Today, speaking to this appeal with yet another step forward, Groupthink is here to present his latest release, “FACE.” Commenced with the lyric, “I’m so close to who I’ve always been,” “FACE” is a tale of identity, from love interest to self-expression, self-worth, and so much more. It’s profound in meaning, but alluring in the simplistic vividness of each statement. In many ways, on a lyrical note, Groupthink seems to present an unfiltered stream of consciousness, as surface-level desires and ideas attach to longer-standing, overarching themes throughout. The constant battle between more artistic, colorful thoughts and those which almost feel impulsive is an infectious one, and if not anything else, these elements of thought paint …

LA Party – [King Acne]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2019

In the age of the internet and therefore, the age of accessibility, there exists far greater opportunities for new artists to get started on their own. DIY scenes are more alive now than ever before, and with a simple wifi connection and a laptop, there are kids churning out hit songs all over the world, no different than you or I. Every once in a while, in light of a time where creative horsepower truly resides in the hands of the people, I’ll stumble upon an artist who has taken this idea of DIY to new heights. Such is the case with King Acne, exemplified by his latest release, “LA Party.” The first thing you should know about King Acne is that he does everything on his own, with nothing but a small group of friends helping out. Considering that his visuals, and creative direction overall, are often better executed than that of artists with million-dollar budgets, this may seem unlikely, but I can assure you that the King himself is entirely self-sufficient. The already-high bar that he’s set throughout his output thus far simply keeps getting higher, and now with “LA Party” to add to the collection, it’s clear …