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Dirty Money Hustle – [Guwop Reign]

By Seamus Fay // 19 Feb 2020

While the narrative that “SoundCloud is dead” holds true in some veins, I would argue that most people are far too quick to denounce its popularity. For instance, just recently, Summrs signed a record deal with Universal Music Group – an artist who built his devout following on SoundCloud, and exists in an entire community of flourishing young talents who are doing the same (Pasto Flocco, Autumn!, etc). One name, in particular, who sticks out amongst this crowd is Guwop Reign – an Atlanta-by-way-of-Boston talent, here today with a brand new single called “Dirty Money Hustle.” Released just 5 days ago, the melodic new offering already boasts 60,000 plays on SoundCloud, with Guwop’s past releases all charting similar play counts, from the upper tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Such consistency has helped to expedite Reign’s rise, and it all starts with his sound; a sugary blend of melodies, structured around a supply of flows that never seem to lose their charge. “Dirty Money Hustle,” in particular, brings this style to new heights with its heartfelt, almost surprisingly strong songwriting, fit with reflections on street life, ambition, introspection, and so much more. Clearly, Guwop Reign is ready to take …

Welcome to Heaven – [HVN]

By Seamus Fay // 14 Feb 2020

It should come as no secret that Houston is amongst the most promising upcoming scenes in the U.S. right now. From sold-out local shows to attention from countless acclaimed artists, the city’s in-house, DIY spirit has created an ever-growing buzz, consistently raising the bar with each new release. Today, offering his official introduction to those outside of the city, Houston native HVN is here with his 7-song debut project, Welcome to Heaven. As the title entails, Welcome to Heaven is one of those rare releases that feels as though it means more than just music. Structured around careful curation from sonics all the way to graphics, it’s an introduction to HVN’s lifestyle, and a look into the beating heart of Houston’s underground, booming with energy and unafraid of creative strides. Take for example, the project’s opening track, “Backhand.” For one, the name “Backhand” sets the tone for HVN’s relentless, borderline rebellious artistry. More importantly, though, it’s a chance to kick the door open with a gorgeous gathering of keys and a few words from fellow TX artist, TisaKorean. Soon after these first few seconds, though, the glimmering keys fade, and HVN’s in-your-face sound is off to the races. As it …

Old News – [Bbyterra]

By Seamus Fay // 12 Feb 2020

Much of hip-hop is in a melodic place. Often sitting in between “rapping” and singing, certain pockets of the sound are beginning to transform, blurring the constraints of genre in the process. Seeing these sonic mutations has been fascinating throughout the past few years, and especially now, it’s refreshing to see new artists begin to innovate and build on it in their own way. Today, offering a refreshing sense of style himself, I’m here to revisit a track called “Old News” from Arizona artist Bbyterra, who was sent to me by another incredible artist, contradash. Having had this song on repeat over the past few days, I wanted to revisit this song mainly because of the individualistic touch that Bbyterra provides. From the cover art all the way to the float of the cadences, Terra offers up a vision uniquely his own, and the melancholy, atmospheric production sets the perfect foundation for such. Each lyric seems to linger on the tail of the last, while the constant swing of the production streamlines the hypnotic deliveries at hand. Clearly, Bbyterra is operating in his own lane, and the melodic flavor of “Old News” can attest, even if the song is already …

SLEEPER’s & More Than Family – [BBY KODIE]

By Seamus Fay // 12 Feb 2020

Cover Photo by @eternaljaxon Kicking 2020 off with a loud entrance in the form of No Friends & Kodie 2, BBY Kodie is setting the foundation for his biggest year yet. Soon, he’ll embark on a 3-stop tour all over Texas, and in addition to recent snippets via social media, he’s back today with his foot on the gas, dropping two new songs: “SLEEPER’s” and “More Than Family.” Released via SoundCloud, each song pairs Kodie with the high-octane stylings of 1431Major, bringing forth an exuberant supply of energy without losing his self-assured, Houston-induced charisma. The fast-paced bang of the production sets the tone within each record’s opening seconds, and obliging, Kodie offers up a ruthless set of deliveries, never slowing to catch his breath. And as if that weren’t enough, per usual, these two aren’t short of quotable lines, just as the Houston representative always seems to ensure. Selling out rooms all over Texas, the face behind “SLEEPER’s” and “More Than Family” is a must-watch this year. Catch Kodie on his Texas tour here and stream the new songs via SoundCloud below! Produced by 1431Major

Holy Sh*t – [AG Club]

By Seamus Fay // 12 Feb 2020

As an artist, using visuals to add a dimension to the music is crucial. Not only does it give fans a more tangible look into the creative vision that they’re supporting, but it also guides the artist’s image just as much as it does the impression that the music leaves. Just recently, I stumbled on a Bay Area group called AG Club that seems to understand this better than most. Having recently released their new project Halfway Off The Porch, the group is headed full speed in the visual direction at the moment, building their world with impeccable, homegrown music videos like their latest, “Holy Sh*t.” Structured around atmospheric synths and a back-breaking drum sequence, the song itself rides a line between hard-nosed production and the group’s often-melodic cadences. With each verse, AG Club seems to switch back and forth between the two, turning heads and keeping things interesting as they refuse to settle in regards to energy. Meanwhile, the visuals for this one are striking as can be, maximizing the effect of even the most simplistic scene ideas. As a result, “Holy Sh*t” comes forth as a galvanizing record, and the music video only turns things up a notch, bringing …

Promise – [Jay Esco]

By Seamus Fay // 11 Feb 2020

Music with a purpose often brings the best out of an artist. When lyrics hold meaning and vocals hold conviction, the artist is able to operate on much more personal terms, and in response, the listener is able to connect more with the track at hand. Today, exemplifying such, a 15-year old talent by the name of Jay Esco is making his way to Lyrical Lemonade with his most recent single, “Promise.” Made in memory of a close friend who passed, “Promise” is a chance for Esco to explore his emotions after the loss, from sadness and mourning all the way to the motivation in life that comes with honoring a passed friend. One line after the next, he uses his cadences to communicate pain and his lyrics to communicate feeling, while the song finds a perfect intersection between sound and purpose. Infectious in its melodies and honest in regards to songwriting, “Promise” is a brave moment from the rising Connecticut native, and a chance to honor his late friend in a way that others can feel. Stream “Promise” below and be on the lookout for more from Jay Esco in the future!


By Seamus Fay // 11 Feb 2020

While data seems to be king in the music world right now, nothing can replace tangibility. Streams are one thing, but sold-out shows and die-hard fans are another, just as we’re learning from Texas right now. In several cities throughout the state, artists are packing out rooms, and doing so with far less streams than many others who struggle to pack out the same rooms. Quite frankly, TX is doing it the right way, and amongst those leading the charge is PNTHN — a Texas-bred collective here today with their brand new single, “JULIUS,” featuring the legendary Project Pat. Arriving ahead of PNTHN’s forthcoming national tour, “JULIUS” is essentially the knockout punch that adds to the momentum garnered by their recent project, Death Dimension. Equipped with a Project Pat feature, who blacks out on the opening verse, the song is a high-energy, unapologetically Texas way to introduce PNTHN to those unfamiliar. It’s gritty, it’s Southern, and more than anything, it’s true to PNTHN’s identity, showing TX roots just as much as it does the group’s high-octane twist on the regional sound. Cop tickets to PNTHN’s forthcoming tour here and peep “JULIUS” below!

Mirrors – [Daniel Novello]

By Seamus Fay // 10 Feb 2020

Daniel Novello is shifting back into the spotlight on personal terms. Recently releasing a confessional introductory point, “Crestview,” the Atlanta talent is building a foundation of honesty in his art, and doing so in a way that spans far beyond personal experience. Novello’s authenticity is infectious, and undoubtedly offers connection to his listeners, just as we see in his latest offering, “Mirrors.” Grappling with the prospect of finding himself, “Mirrors” is a colorful look into the complexity of emotion, as Novello’s lyrics hold strains of nostalgia, frustration, being misunderstood, and so much more. With each line, he delves further into the internal conflicts that surround the character we met in “Crestview,” doing so over an acoustic instrumental, perfect for the occasion. Emphasizing the fervency in his emotion, the music video thoughtfully captures the way that these emotions eat Novello up, and the release as a whole deepens the listener’s connection to such a compelling figure. Atlanta’s own is putting his all into even his earliest releases, and for this reason and more, the future is bright. Delve into Daniel Novello’s world on his website here and peep the new song/video below! Directed by Jordan Li and Daniel Novello