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Watch Kanye’s brand new interview with Big Boy!

By Cole Bennett // 26 Oct 2019

Kanye West is fresh off of the release of his brand new project, and he recently sat down with the legend Big Boy for a brand new interview, and it turned out to be a great conversation. They spoke on several things including his brand new album Jesus is King, his lowest points, freedom of speech, his faith, cancel culture, when he created “Jesus Walks”, how he got the title for his album, the downsides of social media, his relationship with his father, things he has had to overcome and so much more. Take a few minutes out of your weekend to watch this amazing new interview below!

4 The Betta – [Lucki]

By Cole Bennett // 16 Oct 2019

Lucki had been gearing up for a 4th quarter push in 2019 and he has begun his rollout for his next forthcoming project, and the latest offering from the Chicago native comes in the form of “4 The Betta”. This is one of those records that any true Lucki fan is going to fall in love with just after the first listen; it’s a dark sounding & addicting listen that’s sprinkled with a number of witty & clever bars that Lucki spit so causally. Lucki has came a long way from being the kid from Chicago with aspirations to be an artist; he is now a mega-successful underground legend who is traveling the world off of his art, and I am super excited to see what his next body of work is going to sound like. Stream this brand new release via Soundcloud below!

Watch Jessie Reyez on Sway In The Morning

By Cole Bennett // 15 Oct 2019

Jessie Reyez is one of the greatest new artists in the game and we are big fans of her here at LL, she recently stopped by Shade 45 to chop it up with Sway and his amazing team for a brand new interview. They spoke about tons of topics such as immigration issues, being from Canada, her parents helping her, being fired from multiple jobs in the past, receiving singing lessons, alcohol, the music industry, her song “Gatekeeper” + it’s impact, other women speaking about the same things she went through, the importance of good video directors, being in the studio with Eminem + getting feedback, who her musical inspirations are, artists she wishes to collab with and she even answered some questions from the callers! Take a few minutes of your time to watch this new interview below.

Both Sides – [Shordie Shordie] ft. [Shoreline Mafia]

By Cole Bennett // 11 Oct 2019

Baltimore leader Shordie Shordie is an artist that we have had a close eye on here at Lyrical Lemonade, he has been on his rise to stardom over the past year and today he is back with his brand new music video for “Both Sides” featuring Shoreline Mafia. The odds are that you were already well prepared for this release considering that we have been teasing it the past couple of days, but if I do say so myself I believe that this will exceed any expectations you may have, it’s an instant classic for us on this side. Watch this brand new music video below and if you haven’t already then make sure you subscribe to LL’s YouTube channel!

94 Camry Music – [femdot]

By Cole Bennett // 1 Oct 2019

femdot has been teasing his fans with the release of his brand new project for some time now, and just this morning he blessed us with the final product titled 94 Camry Music. Femdot released the music video for the title track of this song just a few days ago & it has received a ton of love, and this project as a whole is based around the car that femdot grew up driving, a 94 Camry, and the idea is this is what the soundtrack of that time felt like to him. After the intro & title track, we got right into “Hot Lunch” that finds femdot displaying his unmatched lyrical excellence, giving punchline after punchline bars that he never seems to run out of. The lone feature on this EP came from the St. Louis legend on the track “Rap City” that finds these two skilled emcees bouncing off of each other, both slicing apart the magnificent production from Ambi Lyrics and showing why they are acclaimed as some of the best in their own respective lanes. The second half of “Late Night Run” is one of the most menacing & banging tracks that I have ever heard, which …

Watch SiR’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV!

By Cole Bennett // 16 Sep 2019

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a massive fan of Big Boy and his platform that he has out on the west coast, he brings through amazing guests on the weekly, and this time around he brought in TDE’s own SiR! They spoke about several subjects such as when he first fell in love with music, his church roots, playing sports in high school, his brothers influencing him, music being his therapy, storytelling, starting off as an engineer, dealing with disrespect at times in the past, when he first got in contact with Top Dawg Entertainment, opening for TDE in 2011 years before he met them, how the song “Hair Down” came together, Los Angeles, Jay Rock, record executives promising him the world & never coming through, not surrounding himself with ‘yes’ men, touring and so much more. This was a dope conversation that you shouldn’t miss out on, check it out below!

Dilla Back – [Femdot]

By Cole Bennett // 3 Sep 2019

Femdot is one of the hottest new rising rappers out of Chicago’s thriving music community, and this afternoon he is back with a brand new offering titled “Dilla Back”. This new joint has a silky smooth feel to it with a taste of an old school R&B as well, match that with femdot’s impeccable rhyming abilities & the gorgeous backing vocals & we have a hit on our hands. The replay value that this track has is unbelievable, I have ran through it again and again for at least twenty minutes straight, and I have a good feeling that you will find a liking to it too. Stream this brand new record below and if you are located in cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, Kansas City + more be sure to visit Tobi Lou’s website to get tickets to catch femdot opening for him on tour this fall! Photo by Grif

Out Of Luck – [Lil Tecca]

By Cole Bennett // 31 Aug 2019

Lil Tecca is one of the favorites here at Lyrical Lemonade, he is fresh off of the release of his stellar new project We Love You Tecca and just a couple of days ago we released a brand new visual for his song “Out Of Luck” off of his tape. A lot of things have changed since the last time we shot a visual for Lil Tecca, anyone who has watched just how fast he has grown in the past six months knows that, he is now a certified rising star and is looking at decades of superstardom to come. Every single song on his new album absolutely smacks but this record here is one of our favorites, so we had to give it a crispy clean + proper music video that it deserved! Over three million people have already tuned in so you might as well join them, press play below!