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Behind the “Learn How To Watch” Video with Cole Bennett

By Cole Bennett // 3 Jul 2020

The latest “Behind The Video” segment is about the “Learn How To Watch” visual by Carnage, Mac Miller + Madeintyo, enjoy!

The Life of Lenny: A Night at the Carnival

By Cole Bennett // 24 Jun 2020

The Life of Lenny: A Night at the Carnival (Ep. 2)

Behind The “Armed & Dangerous” Video With Cole Bennett

By Cole Bennett // 27 May 2020

Our latest episode of ‘Behind the Video’ touches on the creation process of the “Armed & Dangerous” visual by Juice WRLD, enjoy!

Watch The ‘Behind The Video’ For Nowadays

By Cole Bennett // 7 May 2020

When you look at the music video catalog on the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel, there have been plenty of standouts of the years. There has been plenty of classic videos some of our favorite artists that live on our YouTube, but one that stands out for all of us here at LL was “Nowadays” by Lil Skies and Landon Cube. So, for our latest ‘Behind The Video’ segment on our LL2 YouTube, we broke the the process behind that video, enjoy!

Dark Lane Demo Tapes – [Drake]

By Cole Bennett // 1 May 2020

Since the beginning of his career, I don’t think Drake has ever missed, and late last night he gave us yet another solid project, this time around a mixtape titled Dark Lane Demo Tapes. I have listened to this tape a few times through and I love what I hear, and I believe that you will too, stream it below!

Behind The “Whats Poppin” Video With Cole Bennett

By Cole Bennett // 24 Apr 2020

On our latest episode of “Behind The Video”, we spoke about the process behind the music video for “What’s Poppin” by Jack Harlow, enjoy!

Behind the “Godzilla” Video With Cole Bennett

By Cole Bennett // 15 Apr 2020

You may already be familiar with our Lyrical Lemonade 2 channel that we have been posting some behind the scenes type content on, but you aren’t already in tune, our new segment that consists of talking about behind the videos of some of our greatest music videos is the perfect place to start. Our first episode is on the recent visual for “Godzilla” by Eminem that has already racked up 115,000,000 views in just about five weeks, it’s one of our best videos yet, and there’s some good stories behind the making of the visual. Click play below!