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Watch Ju Jilla’s brand new interview with Illanoize Radio

By Elliot Montanez // 5 Dec 2019

I’ve found a handful of pretty dope upcoming artists from the city via the homie Bekoe + his Illanoize radio platform (along with Illinois Jones + Pretty Riot), and Ju Jilla is the latest emcee I got to know via their new interview! The amazing trio of hosts asked Ju Jilla about several subjects including how he came up with his name, growing up on the southside of Chicago, his latest album Fear The Wise, how he created the title of his project, being influenced by his little brother, being apart of a talented family, his prior mixtapes, being a true lyricist, his creative process in the studio and he even gave his thoughts about the major Chicago radio stations. There is a plethora of musical talent in Chicago & Ju Jilla is definitely one of the best spitters out, take a couple minutes out of your day to learn a thing or two about him below!

Shadows Above – [Atreesto]

By Elliot Montanez // 4 Dec 2019

Whenever Las Vegas-based producer Atreesto decides to release some new instrumentals it always has me pumped because he is ridiculously talented, and tonight he is back on our website with his latest offering titled “Shadows Above”. Atreesto has the abilities to make plenty of instrumental with different type of sounds + styles, one day you will find him chopping up the sweetest soul sample and the next he might be doing an afrobeat type of sound, but this release here finds him experimenting in the trap style more than I’ve heard from him prior. Along with the release of this beat, Atreesto hinted that he is going to put out an EP full of trap beats in the near future, so be expecting to hear more of this sound from him. Stream this new release below + if you like it go ahead and follow Atreesto here.

Hardly Know You Freestyle – [Trapo]

By Elliot Montanez // 4 Dec 2019

It’s been a minute since we have heard from Madison, Wisconsin based talent Trapo, a few months ago he actually hinted that he might be retiring from music, but luckily that didn’t happen + today Trapo is back with a brand new freestyle track titled “Hardly Know You”. I have loved Trapo’s music for some years now and I have heard him master plenty of different sounds, but hearing him sing on the hook of this song has me stunned + impressed, I have heard Trapo sing before but not in this upper register that he reached on this one. On the verses, Trapo did what I have known him to do, absolutely go crazy with the bars + flows as he showed why he is the hottest artist coming out of Wisconsin. I am so happy to see that Trapo is back and I can’t wait to hear the full-length project that he seems to be piecing together, but for now, go ahead & stream this brand new record below!

Nightclub – [Adot]

By Elliot Montanez // 4 Dec 2019

As I have been preparing our year-end list where I highlight our favorite fifty Chicago projects, I have been curious to see what other Chicago creatives would drop before the year’s end, and lucky for us earlier today Adot dropped a brand new three-song EP titled “Nightclub”. I have grown very familiar with Adot after covering his music release for the past nearly five years, so I have got a good grasp as to what he is all about, but here on this new EP, he switched up the style slightly, especially on the intro record. The second record is what I would consider to be that classic Adot sound, he jumped on some Luke Almighty production & snapped for two and a half minutes straight. The last record “Astray” is probably my favorite of the bunch because of the menacing & unique instrumental matched with the flows that Adot provided, but all in all, this was a solid tape & I suggest that you check it out for yourself below! production from Luke Almighty & Areyoudeaf

Watch Bouba Savage’s brand new interview with Hip-Hop Mike

By Elliot Montanez // 4 Dec 2019

Hip-Hop Mike is a fantastic interviewer whose content I have been a big fan of for some time now, so when I heard the news he was going to be starting his own channel with his hand-picked guests I was very excited for him, and on his second episode he brought in probably the youngest artists out who is killing it, Bouba Savage! Hip-Hop Mike asked him about things such as his friendship with Smooky Margielaa, growing up in Africa before moving here three years ago, starting to make music eight months ago, being a fan of artists such as A Boogie & Lil Uzi Vert, social media, getting cosigned by Lil Uzi Vert, attending Rolling Loud, Sheck Wes bringing him out to shows, his recording process, his parents, Lil Pump, his goals, artists he wants to work with in the future, his new music and more! Watch this brand new interview below.

Block Hot Freestyle – [$teven Cannon]

By Elliot Montanez // 3 Dec 2019

$teven Cannon is an artist that we have got to know pretty well over the years, and tonight he is finding himself back on our lemon filled pages with his brand new music video for “Block Hot Freestyle”. One of my favorite aspects about this two-minute video aside from the great production & even better raps is the concept behind the video, the shoots were Steven is walking around while his homies + other thins show in the background are entertaining to say the least. $teven Cannon has come a long way so far in his career and he is showing no signs of slowing down in the least bit, if anything, he is only getting better & better while he reaches his full potential. I am sure it won’t be long before $teven Cannon is back on tour + in a city near you, so you might as well get in tune with his new material below!

Still Did It – [HappyBirthdayCalvin]

By Elliot Montanez // 3 Dec 2019

HappyBirthdayCalvin is a young artist out of Chicago that has been making some waves in the city this year with the help of his great team at ATS, and tonight the creative is back on our website with his brand new record titled “Still Did It.” When I first pressed play on this record, I couldn’t help but vibe with the party like & upbeat anthem sound that HappyBirthdayCalvin pieced together, rhyming like a veteran & making plenty of thoughtful & witty references throughout the song that impressed me. In just the short amount of time that I have known HappyBirthdayCalvin he has improved tremendously & he’s still a teenager so he’s only going to continue to get better, and this new joint is one of his best offerings yet in my opinion. Stream this brand new tune below to get familiar with one of Chicago’s future stars.

Time Alone With You – [Jacob Collier] ft. [Daniel Caesar]

By Elliot Montanez // 2 Dec 2019

Jacob Collier is an artist who I got in tune with earlier this week after coming across his music in our email submissions, after learning a little information about him I pressed play on this new record “Time Alone With You” and I was instantly blown away. I loved everything about this track; the amazing vocals from Jacob, the soulful + unique production, the soothing tones + last but not least, the sensational feature from the great Daniel Caesar. It’s always great to find new talent like Jacob Collier because he makes fantastic music and this single led me to check out the rest of his incredible catalog, he gained a new fan today and I am sure I won’t be the only one after you give it a chance. This is the first offering off of Jacob Collier upcoming project called Djesse – Volume 3, and if the rest of the project resembles the same sound of this new single then it’s sure to be an overall great listen. Stream this soothing R&B cut below!