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No Place Like Home – [Consequence] Ft. [Phife Dawg]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Nov 2019

Consequence is a hip-hop legend but that’s common knowledge at this point, and Phife Dawg is an icon in music who we’ve missed dearly since his passing, so when I saw that Consequence dropped a new record “No Place Like Home” along with Phife, I had to tune in. These two legends traded magnificent bars back in forth throughout the song, along with a beautiful chorus that was performed by Alex Isley, the trio really did something special here. This was an all-around excellent offering that any hip-hop fan can enjoy, it felt great hearing Phife Dawg’s voice again, especially with how well Consequence + his team put together the song. Do yourself a huge favor and press play below! Produced by Consequence + Mike Cash • additional production elements by Fede Vindver + Rich Keller

Sosa – [Bernard Jabs]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Nov 2019

Bernard Jabs is a creative out of Georgia who I have been covering/cheering on for the past couple of years since the first time I met him, and today the young talent is back on our website with his latest joint titled “Sosa”. This record finds Bernard really getting in his bag, providing a melodic & addicting hook all while absolutely snapping on his verses, creating one of the best songs you’ll hear this week in the process. The sky is the limit for Bernard Jabs, he still has a ton of time to grow & develop as an artist so he’s only going to continue to improve, but for the time being, get in tune with his latest material below. Produced Etrou & Ryan Bevolo

On My Bullshit – [Old Man Saxon]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Nov 2019

Denver, Colorado-based talent Old Man Saxon is finding himself back on our website today with his brand new offering titled “On My Bullshit”. I have been keeping up with Old Man Saxon over the past month or so since I first heard him, he has a super interesting aesthetic to him, everything from his music to his cover art + style are awfully unique, which makes him stand out in today’s current landscape. The way that Old Man Saxon flowed over this multi-dimensional production was remarkable to say the bare minimum, and although it’s clearly just a playful track about being on his bullshit, it came out really good + has me excited for more music from him in the future! Stream this brand new track via Soundcloud below! Produced by Woodysproduce

Show Me How – [Josi Green]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Nov 2019

Josi Green is something like an LL veteran when you consider just how many times he has been featured on our website over the past few years, and today he is adding to that growing list with his brand new record titled “Show Me How.” Josi Green slowed down the tempo and approached this song with more of an R&B type of style, but that’s not uncommon for him although he is an incredible rapper, in my opinion he usually blends the two but this time around it was straight soulful R&B and I believe he crushed it! It’s always a good day whenever we get some new material from Josi Green, so hopefully it’s not too long before we hear from him again. Listen to this brand new tune below and if you like what you hear then be sure to share this record with a friend!

Prescriptions – [Mother Nature]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2019

Mother Nature is a duo out of the wonderful city of Chicago that we have been supporting for a minute now, and today the two talents are back with their brand new jam titled “Prescriptions”. These two are lyrical wordsmiths that never fail to create exciting records that are jam-packed with witty bars that most times take more than one listen to comprehend, mainly because they are so intelligent that they spit lyrics that’ll oftentimes go over your head & eventually figure out later. On this track, they did more of that but also gave us a catchy hook as well, showing off their ability to be able to do both of those things, and all in all they created a memorable track. Check out this brand new jam below and if you like it then go ahead and give them a follow here! produced by Adam Stephens

What A Life – [MFnMelo]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2019

Pivot Gang affiliate MFnMelo is back on our website for the second time in two weeks with his brand new track titled “What A Life”, and it’s the best song that I have listened to all day. MFnMelo is a superior artist in his own right when you examine his skill set, so when you see that he has his close homie Saba on the record with him you can’t help but image what it’s going to sound like, and even more so once you see that the great Monte Booker handled the beat, it’s literally a musical Big 3. Once I heard the gentle & soothing melody that Melo pieced together it put me into paradise, and once Saba jumped on the back end of this one with his great verse + made it that much better it quickly became one of my favorite songs I have heard this month. Stream this brand new song below and be sure to keep an eye out for Melo’s forthcoming project Everybody Eats that’s set to drop in the near future.

Yellow Curry – [Graham Malice]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2019

An artist that goes by the name of Graham Malice is making his debut on Lyrical Lemonade today with his brand new offering titled “Yellow Curry” featuring Coach Tev. Truth be told I didn’t know anything about Graham Malice before stumbling across this record on Soundcloud and pressing play because the cover art caught my eye, but it wasn’t much more than a few seconds before I started digging the music, and now I am on my fifth listen back of this song & am about to dive into the rest of his catalog. As if I wasn’t impressed enough with Graham Malice’s incredible rapping skills, it turns out that he produced this song himself, showing that he can do it all. Take a few minutes of your time to get familiar with this Dallas native below, I assure you that you won’t regret it.

Give Me A Reason – [Bennett]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2019

If you are a frequent visitor of our website or if you attended our Summer Smash Festival last year than the odds are that you know about Bennett, the amazingly talented songstress who has been releasing stellar music, and today she is back on our website with her latest offering titled “Give Me A Reason”. This record is a slow and steady R&B and soulful type of jam that is addicting to say the least, the melody that she created here was flawless, it’s easily my favorite release from her to date & that’s a big statement because I already thoroughly enjoyed her past music. I highly suggest that you press play on this new song below, you just might discover your new favorite artist! Produced by Willie Donut • Biako • Julia Lewis