Memories – [Charles Lauste] x [J-Hop] x [Femdot]

By Elliot Montanez // 9 Apr 2020

Charles Lauste is a producer/DJ out of Chicago who has been doing his thing for some years now, steadily improving at his craft in the process, and today he is back on our website with his brand new record titled “Memories” featuring J-Hop and Femdot. If you know about these three talented creative then you are surely aware of the damage that they can do on any given track that they grace together, they are dope triple threat who I always enjoy to see connect, but man this might be their best creation yet. This song all started with the layered instrumental that was provided by Charles Lauste, it was a smooth beat that had many different sounds within it, but it was the driving force on this one. St. Louis native J-Hop started off this joint with a minute and a half verse where he kicked a dope storytelling verse that I won’t spoil for you, leading right into a phenomenal verse from Chicago’s own Femdot, putting the cherry on top of an all-around great offering. Do yourself a favor and stream this brand new offering via Soundcloud below!

Iconic – [Flo Milli]

By Elliot Montanez // 9 Apr 2020

Alabama artist Flo Milli has been blowing up over the past year or so with hit records like “In The Party” and “My Attitude”, and today she is back on our website with her new record titled “Iconic”. Flo Milli is one of the most unique new artists in the game, in my opinion, her rap style is different than most but after a few listens it just gets more and more catchy. On this song, Flo Milli really got to talking her shit but just like she always does, she created a bop in the process. I am very interested to see what Flo Milli can continue to do within the next year or so, she’s a nominee for the XXL Freshmen Class and I think that she has a real chance to make the list, so keep an eye out for her moving forward. Take a couple of minutes out of your day to listen to this brand new record below!

Yell Oh – [Trippie Redd] ft. [Young Thug]

By Danny Adams // 9 Apr 2020

Trippie Redd has always been one of my favorite artists since coming onto the scene a few years ago. His voice is unique, switching from masterful bars to emotion-filled singing in the blink of an eye and you can feel his heart with every note he croons. Whether he’s discussing topics dealing with drugs, inner thoughts, women, or other things, he does so in a manner that’s unlike anything else in the world of music. “Yell Oh” was a standout track on the deluxe version of A Love Letter to You 4, and it was bound to be a hit after Young Thug decided to contribute his talents to the record. A haunting piano melody and rapid, chattering hats take lead on the production created by the insanely talented Pi’erre Bourne. Trippie raps at a mind-blowing rate in the hook, hastily spitting catchy bars about sexual situations with his girl. When he gets into his verse, Trippie starts out singing while slowing down his cadence to carry out certain notes throughout his intriguing bars. He uses clever similes to elevate his lyrical wordplay while also mentioning the frozen ice hanging around his neck and additional lust-driven situations. Thugger takes the …

Hot Ham- [K $upreme] ft. [Lil Yachty] & [Chief Keef]

By Danny Adams // 9 Apr 2020

After the sailing team seemed to split up and go in their own separate directions, I hadn’t heard too much from K $upreme. Not that I was ignoring him because I definitely knew how talented he was, I just unknowingly paid more attention to Lil Yachty since he was undoubtedly the star of the collective. I’m happy to say that after listening to K $upreme’s latest song “Hot Ham” featuring Lil Boat and Chief Keef, he hasn’t lost his energy or talent in the slightest. Chasethemoney was recruited by K to bring the heat for the wild production on this song which is comprised of crashing cymbals, tiptoeing synths, and skittish snares. Yachty goes in for the first verse almost immediately, showing off his calmer, more subdued charisma that he uses when he spits on slightly harder-hitting beats like this. He boasts an underrated flow as he mentions his riches, providing luxurious goods for his friends, and the fact that his crew has his back through everything. Although this song goes really hard, I could have done without the hook in all honesty. It just didn’t flow with the verses extremely well and it seemed as if it was thrown …

Sex Sounds – [Lil Tjay]

By Danny Adams // 9 Apr 2020

It’s incredible how many moves Lil Tjay has made in the last year. I remember hearing him featured on a song awhile back and enjoying his style, but I wasn’t anticipating that I’d hear nearly as much more from him as I have. He’s all over the industry, collaborating with major artists, staying true to his fellow New York rapper friends, and dropping some of the best solo music in recent memory. “Sex Sounds” was a standout song on last year’s project True 2 Myself, and he’s reviving the song once again by providing an awesome new visual. Deep, drawn-out piano chords mixed with the ringing of on-beat bells and Tjay’s humming in the background create the foundation for a passionate love song. Although it’s very apparent that Tjay can rap with the best of the best, on this song he sings in a very emotional manner, portraying the love and lust behind his words through the telling notes he croons. I’m no stranger to the sounds of autotune within music as I’m sure most Hip-Hop fans can relate, but Tjay just uses it in a way that is beyond smooth and impressive. I feel as though it’s an effect …

Ferry Ride – [Niko Rose]

By Mike del Ro // 9 Apr 2020

As the days start to blend together and time reaches a sort of standstill, it always feels like a win whenever I’m able to find a song that fits this specific daze I’ve been personally in and I’m sure a lot of other people are feeling too given the state of the world right now. So, stumbling on Niko Rose’s easygoing and hazy new release “Ferry Ride” in my inbox has been one of the highlights of my day so far. A minimally produced and slow-building composition paired with Rose’s indie-pop vocal style emotes a feeling that’s nostalgic and exhibits this uncanny coming-of-age quality. The song itself gets a pick-me-up once the drums kick in, adding another layer of light bounce over the electronic keys and other synths that reverberate softly throughout. The artist then gets into his own flow over this beat that’s both catchy and endearing in its lyricism. Rose’s ear for tongue-twisting songwriting and entrancing melodies create a cohesive mood that’s relaxed and unhurried—a moment that begs to last just a bit longer.



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