Starfire (Teen Titans) – [6 Dogs]

By Danny Adams // 1 Mar 2021

It’s crazy to think that just over a month ago, we received the extremely unfortunate news that legendary artist 6 Dogs passed away, and my own personal world was rocked. He was legitimately one of the first underground artists I had ever gotten into so many years ago, and the way he made music definitely shaped many of my values and admirations when it comes to the music I tended to find myself gravitating towards. He is the definition of an icon, a legend, a hero, and a voice for kids who were dealing with similar struggles and experiences that he was, and he was just always a beacon of light for his massively loyal fanbase. Although this news still affects me daily, 6’s music still has such a powerful message that can break through boundaries and constantly positively affect listeners to this day, so when I caught wind of his posthumous project RONALD, there was a slight breath of fresh air that was followed up with obvious excitement for some new 6 Dogs music. What got me even more excited was the fact that I saw a brand-new single entitled “Starfire (Teen Titans)” released at the end of last …

Electric – [Moe Young]

By Danny Adams // 1 Mar 2021

I feel like I talk about Internet Money artists all the time, but the fact of the matter is, they just simply never get old. While this might be a label, they’re also clearly a family because they always want to see everyone winning, and the amount of work that they put in is obvious when looking at the remarkable output they’re able to give to fans. The chemistry that everyone in the label from the top down is apparent because it seems as if this isn’t work for them, but they’re just getting together and having fun. The result is simply hit after hit, though, and this has amassed an insane fanbase for the talent-filled collective. Out of everyone on the IM roster, Moe Young is one of the newer names to me personally, but after hearing some of his music, he’s undeniably one of the most talented. I have no option but to give Internet Money credit for building a roster that contains such diversity of sounds and styles, and Moe is probably one of the biggest standouts they currently possess with his old-school-inspired R&B hits that include a massive splash of originality and creativity. Most recently, Moe …

WARWICK-[Johnny Vice]&[Johan Lenox]

By Sam Morrison // 1 Mar 2021

Johnny Vice is an up and coming artist who needs to be on your radar if you have a knack for discovering up and coming gems. The rapper/singer/producer hails from Baltimore, Maryland and is making it on to our page today for an offering that caught my attention last week. Inspired by his father’s musical background growing up, Johnny began dropping music in 2016 exclusively on SoundCloud and is now on his way to making a name for himself after the release of his latest track. The song “WARWICK” is a stellar piece by Johnny that also includes well known artist Johan Lenox. The two of them on this track truly feels like a match made in heaven as they both contribute their respective talents to leave their mark on an impressive song. From the beginning, you’ll instantly notice the dynamic production that sets the stage for the rest of the piece. “WARWICK” wastes no time in grabbing your attention as the ambience created throughout this one is something out of a movie. When I tell you, I’ve been playing this joint on repeat for the last few days, I mean it. There are just a lot of great elements …

Eat Your Heart Out – [Dro Kenji]

By Danny Adams // 1 Mar 2021

Considering we’re all alive and consuming music during the present internet age of media, it might get somewhat overwhelming when you hear about a new artist making waves in the industry seemingly every hour. While this fascinates and excites me, I want to make sure to get the best under the radar music out to fans as often as I can. While Dro Kenji might not be a new name to some considering he has released a plethora of unbelievable singles and projects over the past few months, he is still grossly underrated in my opinion, and he is one of the most talented emcees in the entire Hip-Hop genre, but this classification is a stretch considering his music is difficult to place into such strict boundaries like one specific genre. Even though projects like Tears and Pistols and Race Me To Hell came out at the very end of last year, he has been proving time and time again that he’s one of the hardest workers in the entire music world. What’s even more impressive is the fact that not only is he able to constantly gift fans new music, but he’s also able to create hit after hit, …

Horror Story – [Black Fortune] feat. [Big Flock, 3oh Black, MoneyMarr, & Goonew]

By Jack Gregory // 1 Mar 2021

I hope the entire rap industry can turn their eyes to what has happened in the DMV region this week as Maryland rapper Black Fortune rounded up the some of the very hottest artists from the District of Columbia and PG County for what is easily the most clouted posse cut to come from this area ever. Now if you know anything about the DMV rap scene or about the City of DC in general you will likely know about all of the hate and animosity between the artists here, some in decades old blood feuds about misgivings that happened in another century or perhaps just the constant “bidding” off of each other that has created dissension and a tense attitude towards collaboration and led to artists only making music with other artists in their circle. But this week Black Fortune took great strides to change that reality, recruiting DC’s Big Flock, 3oh Black, and MoneyMarr as well as Capitol Heights’, MD artist Goonew to put together an instantly legendary track. Each artist attacks the beat with their own unique flows and shows the overlooked three-dimensional capabilities of this style that is often written-off for its artistic merits. I hope …

Dead Roses – [LAKE!]

By Chuck Ramos // 1 Mar 2021

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer LAKE! has caught my attention lately with his ability to create vibe-inducing, heartbreak-centered pop songs with an undeniable edge. His recently released music video for his song, “Dead Roses,” illustrates his style, charisma, and ability to create a definitive visual representation for his acidic pop sound. Combining candid shots of the burgeoning artist alongside the video’s love interest, LAKE! creates a visual that matches the simultaneously laid back and upbeat-emotive energy of his latest release, all while entertaining fans with his performance. Acoustic chords alongside 808s create fertile ground for the multi-hyphenate artist to operate, delivering lyrics on loyalty and love and the sad truth in relationships bitter end. This bitterness is further emphasized by the video’s sunset shots, reinforcing the metaphor of fleeting love. Directed by: Jake The Shooter Watch the “Dead Roses” music video from LAKE! below.



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New Jam Freestyle - [Trapland Pat]

Today we are featuring an artist who has been making some serious noise out of South Florida. He goes by the name Trapland Pat, if you're a fan of quick-spitting energetic rappers then he is one for you. Pat has a very recognizable look, with his videos being the main source people have been discovering…

Honey Pack (Remix) - [BFB Da Packman] feat. [Lil Yachty] [DDG]

BFB Da Packman is slowly becoming a name that’s popping up more and more amongst the rap community. This past Friday the rising Houston, based by way of Flint, Michigan emcee dropped a remix to his “Honey Pack” single featuring Lil Yachty and DDG. It took me a while to gravitate to the whole Michigan…