Curtis Waters: The Art of Authenticity

By Brodie Harvey // 25 Nov 2020

Well, as we come to a close on one of the weirdest years of the past century we reflect on how the massive halt the music industry experienced with its traditional methods of growing artists through festivals, touring, and really anything that comes with having a room full of people collectively wild out together has changed in a major way. What tossed the larger industry engine into a tailspin, became a rare moment of opportunity for 1000s of kids who’s relationship with creating music existed almost entirely within the 4 walls of their bedrooms. We have seen stars emerge who may have not their time in the cultural limelight had society been moving at its regular pace. This year has had disastrous effects for many, but for a few, it has been a time to thrive while young people across the world are being forced to spend more time isolated online. It’s been fun to be a fan of these artists, as watching them get noticed by the masses and seeing their song all over the feed is something that just makes you feel happy inside. Recently, I got the chance to have an in-depth conversation with one of my …

Someone Else – [Quintana Mills]

By Brodie Harvey // 25 Nov 2020

As an avid listener of the massive amounts of talent we have here in Canada, I am always excited when I find a new artist that hits that dark futuristic R&B sound that resonates so well with Canadians. Maybe its because the winters are so cold, but these atmospheric songs seem to resonate incredibly well across this great nation. Artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, MANILA GREY, and Roy Woods have paved this sound but today we have a newcomer from Vancouver that has his own excellent take on the sound. His name is Quintana Mills and he’s an affiliate of some of Toronto’s biggest names like NorthSideBenji and Why-G. Quintana’s recent single “Someone Else” is the perfect soundtrack for nights posted in the crib with someone special. Quintana Mills has put in work as an engineer but is ready to create his own path as an artist. The smooth beat begins with some liquor being poured into a glass, setting a perfect scene for this modern love ballad. Quintana’s voice compliments the darker tones in the production, allowing his vocals to take center stage on this. Even though he has been working with big artists for some time, this is Quintana’s first …

COMIN’ HOME (feat. Arun Desai)-[Afterthought]

By Sam Morrison // 25 Nov 2020

If you’re familiar with Afterthought, then you’d know that 2021 is shaping up to be an amazing year for the up and coming talent. Primarily a polished and well accomplished producer, Afterthought hits the pages of Lyrical Lemonade in one of the most impressive showings that I’ve seen from him yet. I had the opportunity to write for him a few weeks back and now it’s time to show him even more love for the release of his brand new music video for his song “COMIN’ HOME”. The feel good song is the perfect track to ease us into the holiday season as the offering exudes nothing but positive vibes and uplifting vibrations. From a production standpoint, this one is infectious and will have you getting on your feet without a second thought. Afterthought’s dynamic bars and impressive vocals take this one from great to spectacular as he sets the tone for fellow collaborator Arun Desai to add some flare to an already impressive piece. The visual in itself is truly stunning. It’ll be impossible for you to check this one out and not smile. A family oriented video that breaths unity and love, “COMIN’ HOME” is exactly what you …

Superficial – [Kurtains]

By Billy Bugara // 25 Nov 2020

The concept of pure and utter emotional honesty is something that is all-too-prevalent within nearly any young act working in today’s music landscape, regardless of their level of prominence. Acts today are finding it easier and easier to saturate their forward-thinking and incredibly unheard-of approaches to their craft with a telling sense of vulnerability and genuine candidness. One of today’s most influential acts who has paved one of the most vivid lanes for the future of pop music in Kurtains has practically made a career out of flaunting their down-to-earth and transparent image through their music alone — all the while doing so with a sonic approach that is usually off-the-wall and sporadic in its obscured and glitched-out passages and overall structure in its entirety. These aspects combine to give this outstanding talent a status all to their own as an unreachable and untapped modern musical entity by themselves. Constantly looking to cement this notion further and further into the public consciousness, their latest string of singles have been nothing short of brilliant in this light. But even with that being said, their most recent single “Superficial” is arguably one of their most revealing releases yet from a thematic standpoint, …

A Ballad Of Self Worth – [Yurms] x [Dandecat]

By Billy Bugara // 25 Nov 2020

There exists a certain quality to artists that can seamlessly blend forward-thinking sounds and styles from a purely musical standpoint with ones that are just as progressive from a visual standpoint as well. To achieve both lofty goals in one fell swoop is something of a daunting task, and one that only exists today within the most promising and untouchable talents without question.  To say that rising popstar Yurms fits this mold to an absolutely perfect degree would be selling their artistry short by a longshot, and this fact was solidified in full with their latest single and accompanying video for “A Ballad Of Self Worth.” Both the song and the video that surrounds it are undeniably rich in quality and nuance alike, and they are both such vivid reasons as to why this unmistakable prodigy is at the fringe of superstardom at this very moment.  The song itself is unlike anything else among the scene that Yurms finds themselves at the forefront of whatsoever. Delto joins them on production to come through with a blasting and raucous instrumental that saturates itself in the worlds of emo and pop-punk all the same. Yurms soars over the incredibly dense production and …

Social Cutes – [Teezo Touchdown]

By Elliot Montanez // 25 Nov 2020

I’ve said it before and I am sure that I will say it again, but Teezo Touchdown is going to be a superstar one day. He’s already well on his way with all of the super unique + quality content that he’s been giving us the past several months, he’s received several co-signs from big-name artists and honestly, I think he’s my favorite artist out right now. This music video was awesome because it kind of ties in all of the different characters or alter-egos that Teezo has shown us from prior music videos, and they all come together in this visual. The message behind this song is dope too, I think it’s something that many of his listeners will be able to relate to, aside from the light-hearted + fun-loving approach that he took on it. Take some time out of your Wednesday to watch this brand new music video below, and if you enjoy Teezo’s content, make sure you keep visiting our website in the weeks to come because we might just have something special with him coming soon.



Karma - [Juno]

The seemingly limitless amount of intersections that the rising state of pop music holds moving into the future is truly one of, if not its most fascinating aspect. We are moving into a new era that is forging a convention-less status for itself, while utilizing tried and true conventions from the worlds of dance, hip-hop,…

PACK - [Joey Purp] x [KENE]

Chicago natives Joey Purp and KENE, formerly known as Kami, have been one of the best duos that the city has had to offer for years now. A couple of days ago, the two Savemoney leaders linked up + released a brand new music video for "PACK". The first thing that caught my attention on…

Shaping the Sound of COA

There is no single album that quite matches the level of influence at a forward-thinking level in the realms of pop music this year than ericdoa’s COA. Being the most prominent instance of this coming paradigm shift for the genre, the all-encompassing impact that this album has as it stands today will ring true for…