Sick – [Duffle Bag Buru]

By Elliot Montanez // 20 Jan 2019

Duffle Bag Buru is a rising Chicago star and a favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade, and a few days back he blessed his growing fan base with his brand new visual for “Sick”! A record this dark and gloomy needed the perfect visual to help bring it to life, and thanks to video director @shotbymiggy that’s exactly what we got! Duffle Bag Buru has been spending time perfecting his craft and that has been showing in the music, and this brand new music video is certainly so exception, check it out for yourself by pressing play below!

Whoa Now – [Ali Tomineek]

By Elliot Montanez // 20 Jan 2019

An artist that goes by the name of Ali Tomineek is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his brand new offering titled “Whoa Now” featuring Jayhavoc. Ali Tomineek’s lyrical capability really stood out to me after running through this song a couple of times, you can tell that he takes pride in placing words at the perfect point in the song, he even stressed his voice in certain directions to match the energy of his self produced instrumental. As if Ali’s contribution to this record wasn’t enough, Jayhavoc blessed this back end of this one with an impressive feature to put the cherry on top. Listen to this brand new song below and if you like it go ahead and give him a follow on Soundcloud here.

Grand Prix Mix – [Mulatto] x [Cangelosi]

By Elliot Montanez // 20 Jan 2019

A few days back Lyrical Lemonade favorites Mulatto and Cangelosi teamed up for an amazing to mix titled “Grand Prix Mix” to honor the legendary Frankie Knuckles on his birthday. These two creatives really did a great job at putting this together, it felt more like an experience than just a mix because of the well timed skits that they would strategically place in there, it would leave you with a thought just as the beat switched up. I really enjoyed this record and I believe that you will too, take a few minutes of your day and stream this amazing new mix below! artwork by NIPZ

Premiere: Did It Again – [Lil Tecca] + Q&A

By Jake Millan // 20 Jan 2019

Today we are more than excited to introduce you to 16-year-old rapper Lil Tecca as he drops off his new single, “Did It Again.” The New York based artist teams up with Nick Mira and Taz Taylor on this one who lay down the perfect production for Tecca to ride over. Tecca has been quickly making a name for himself over the past few months as he continues to impress us with every single release. It’s clear that the young artist is someone to keep an eye out on in 2019 as he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. We were lucky enough to ask Lil Tecca a few questions. Check out the Q&A and his new song below! JM: Before diving into question tell our readers who you are. LT: Wasgud. I’m Lil Tecca, 16 year old rapper from Queens, New York. – JM: How did you get the name Lil Tecca? LT: I got the name Lil Tecca from a girl on Instagram, her name was Tecca and she used to call me Lil Tecca, so I said fuck it why not just use the name. – JM: What was it like growing up in New York? …

New Sheriff – [Han Vader] Ft. [Mak Sauce]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jan 2019

Han Vader is a creative from Atlanta that I have posted a handful of his records up to this point, and today he is back with his latest release titled “New Sheriff” featuring Mak Sauce! The feature on the back end of this track from Mak Sauce gave the track an extremely energetic feeling to compliment the foundation that Han Vader paved for him, and together these two made an all around catchy & memorable song. My favorite thing about Han Vader is that he seems to bounce from topic to topic with ease during his verses, plus he has this light-hearted & comedic quality to him that makes the music that much better. Take a few minutes of your day to stream this new song via Soundcloud below!

The Day After The Verdict – [MC Tree]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jan 2019

Chicago native MC Tree is making his return to our website today with his brand new thought provoking record titled “The Day After The Verdict”. When it comes to straight lyrical ability not many can go bar for bar with MC Tree, he never wastes a bar and he tends to improve any record that he jumps on. The main topic throughout this record are essentially his thoughts the day after the verdict of ex Chicago police officer & murder Jason Van Dyke for shooting Lawuan McDonald sixteen times, and MC Tree truly poured out his soul and you can hear it in the conviction in his voice. Along with the release of this new offering MC Tree left us with some words adding: “one day after convicted child killer and ex chicago cop jason van dyke was sentenced to 81 months for the murder of 16 year old laquan mcdonald. i felt compelled to express my feelings in a song last night.. i was heated to say the least, although this was the first time in the history of chicago that a chicago cop was convicted of wrongful murder on the job, which in itself is a great achievement …



Mixed Personalities - [YNW Melly]

Florida superstar YNW Melly teased at a collaboration track with the Chicago legend Kanye West about a month ago on social media, and tonight he just blessed his rapidly growing fan base with a brand new music video for the record titled "Mixed Personalities"! YNW Melly and Kanye connected with Lyrical Lemonade's own Cole Bennett…

Premiere: Did It Again - [Lil Tecca] + Q&A

Today we are more than excited to introduce you to 16-year-old rapper Lil Tecca as he drops off his new single, "Did It Again." The New York based artist teams up with Nick Mira and Taz Taylor on this one who lay down the perfect production for Tecca to ride over. Tecca has been quickly…

Pop Out - [Polo G feat. Lil Tjay]

I truly feel like we have another wave of new stars coming out from Chicago every three or four years. It’s kind of like Atlanta with the endless cycle of talent with different sounds and stories you hear coming from the city. Polo G is one of the youngest and brightest faces that’s making noise…