Bout it – [Nolimit Wet] [G Herbo]

By Jaxon Brown // 21 Sep 2021

It’s a rarity to find somebody in the music industry that can match the raw energy that G Herbo brings in every piece he’s a part of, but fellow Nolimit member Nolimit Wet does just that, with release of their newest duet, “Bout It,” with an accompanying visual releasing yesterday (September 20) directed by Kevin Mares. The visual brings a vintage feel, with inverted colors and blurred epileptic colors to go along with scenes of nightlife with the crew posted with luxury vehicles in a unoccupied city block, as the duo spit relentless bars of street life and successes that provide alternative paths. The track is a fast-paced heater, with uncut and unfiltered fire coming from Nolimit Wet to start, and capped off by the legend that is G Herbo. View Nolimit Wet x G Herbo – “Bout It,” directed by Kevin Mares on YouTube below!

In Town – [EST Gee] ft. [Lil Durk]

By Jaxon Brown // 21 Sep 2021

EST Gee has seen an astounding spark in success with his latest studio album, Bigger Than Life Or Death, which released on July 20th. The album includes but is not limited to featured artists like Lil Durk, Future, Young Thug, 42 Dugg, and others. His exceptional talent combined with broadening notoriety has increased his monthly listener count on Spotify to over 4.3M. As individual tracks gain momentum and EST Gee continues to become more of a household name for hip-hop listeners everywhere – the Interscope artist continues to generate buzz, this time with a clean visual to one of his more notable tracks, “In Town (ft. Lil Durk).” A ‘Diesel Filmz’ produced joint, the video shows EST Gee and Durkio posted with extravagant jewelry and exquisite vehicles speaking lyrics of, “hard times and sad songs and blood spilt from guns drawn.” With clips from shows, neighborhood streets, and lavish offices, ‘Diesel Filmz’ uses brilliant transition work and clean animations to accompany the track on this well-constructed project. Popularity is no issue with this banger, with the video already reaching 70k + views only hours after release earlier this morning. Watch, EST Gee – In Town (feat. Lil Durk), on YouTube …

24 Hours with Lil Uzi Vert | Vogue

By Jaxon Brown // 21 Sep 2021

With the Met Gala happening a week ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Vogue was a prominent media fixture involved, with several collaborative media pieces ranging from musical celebrities to prominent fashion icons and Hollywood moguls. Lil Uzi Vert was one of these spotlighted musical celebrities, with the Philly rapper being invited to the gala for his unique, unfiltered sense of style that he’s made popular through his vast following and established rapport of being a carefree, independent soul who expresses himself through both his music and fashion. The Vogue feature tracks the 24 hours leading up to the gala, focusing primarily on the preparations and individualized differences between invitees. Uzi is upfront with his stylistic tendencies, claiming that he doesn’t necessarily have a natural gift in dressing himself. However, where he is confident is in the quantity and range of clothing that he possesses. “I just reach and grab and put anything on. ‘Course i’ma put the best anything, but I’ll put anything on.” Surely much different from the other icons invited to the gala, Uzi’s spontaneous sense is what makes him the near-fictional character he’s created. Designer and Stylist Thom Browne obviously wanted to embrace that, and …

“Attachments” – [Mycrazyro]

By Jaxon Brown // 21 Sep 2021

Mycrazyro has only six videos posted on his YouTube channels, but each video ranges from 23K – 251K views, making it clear the Long Beach, California native already has an established fan base to make significant noise across streaming platforms. His Soundcloud library is riddled with reposts and likes, with certain tracks surpassing the million mark in streams. Beginning in 2018 with a hit, “Switched Up,” Mycrazyro rode his unique delivery and early stardom to broader crowds, finding success further on YouTube with a half-dozen music videos accompanying his top tracks. “Attachments” is Mycrazyro’s latest release, with the video dropping just last evening, September 20th. The video is simplistic yet inviting, with mirroring and lighting effects that provide a mellow, wavy energy that coincide well with the track. The song promotes a smooth flight, with Mycrazyro’s soothing vocalics and blended lyricism gliding without turbulence. “My heart broke, but it’s gon’ be alright.” The Long Beach native cries lyrics of hardship and pain, mostly in reference to issues with relationships and women.  The video and track are already gaining popularity, with it garnering 2k + views within just a half day of its release. Hop on board with Mycrazyro in his latest …

If Orange Was A Place – [Tems]

By Jaxon Brown // 21 Sep 2021

Nigerian-born and globally-renowned star and soul artist Tems delivered this weekend, with her latest EP titled, If Orange Was A Place. Tems ties new-age soul with traditional talent to produce a pure, refreshing sound that immediately has fans gripped by the raw ability and infectious voice. The five-song EP is an immediate favorite in libraries across the globe, with her top 3 “Where people listen” cities listed on Spotify as being in 3 different countries (London, L.A., and Toronto). Her monthly Spotify listener statistics have also skyrocketed, with her now ranked in the top-300 most listened to artists in the world. The project opens with “Crazy Tings,” a no-doubt success, with positive energy and bouncy rhythm, and is followed by a slower, but equally as light, “Found,” featuring a beautiful verse addition by Brent Faiyaz. It ends with a dreamy earworm in, “Avoid Things,” and a soft-spoken hit in, “Vibe Out,” that will leave you excited to replay the work in its entirety. The undeniable talent is apparent from the moment she vocalizes, and it’s obvious Tems’ talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recent success and familiarity has drastically increased after an appearance in the single, “Essence,” with Justin Bieber and WizKid, …

Generation Nothing – [Damien Styles]

By Danny Adams // 21 Sep 2021

Damien Styles is an artist who is relatively new to my radar, but he’s a talent that I feel has unlimited potential which is definitely an exciting spectacle. Ever since I was put onto him a few months back, he signed with 10K Projects, making him another incredible addition to their roster that seemingly continues to get stronger and stronger by the day. Since he has drawn comparisons to Lil Peep, he is right up my alley considering Peep is still one of my favorite artists to this day, and even though Damien has some very individualistic qualities that differentiate him from the late, great star, I think this comparison is something that will get Peep fans excited for the future of Damien’s career. Most recently, he decided to release a brand-new record entitled “Generation nothing” as well as an amazing music video that was directed by both himself and Thaddeus Swift, making it a one-two punch that you simply can’t miss out on. In the song, Damien combines his angsty, passionate delivery with a very hard-hitting, ambient instrumental that comes together for a record that you’re going to want to listen to on repeat for the foreseeable future. In …



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