Percs – [OG Louie The XIII] x [Sada Baby]

By Jaxon Brown // 19 Feb 2020

I found it clear from the first time I heard Sada Baby’s distinct vocals that his fame was imminent. Rappers such as himself with such unique style and delivery always seem to find a niche in the industry for themselves to concretely remain until a broader population warms up to their persona. In one of his latest tracks, “Percs,” in which he is featured by producer OG Louie The XIII, he vigorously attacks a quick, upbeat and rampant instrumental with harsh delivery and even more vivid lyricism consisting of an abundance of drug references and comical metaphors. The OG Films produced visual complements the short, sporadic track with vibrant color and imagery with intriguing depictions and animations that only a Sada Baby joint could bind smoothly with. OG Louie The XIII and his OG Music Group continues to impress with fire visuals, impressive features, and memorable tracks as he and the group continue to thrive in Los Angeles. Watch OG Louie The XIII – Percs (Official Video) ft. Sada Baby below! @oglouiethexiii @skubababy

Give Me A Reason – [Bennett]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Feb 2020

Lyrical Lemonade fans have certainly been getting more and more in tune with Bennett, one of my personal favorite new singers who is rising up the ranks, who today is back on our website with her brand new music video for “Give Me A Reason”. You might recall when I posted about this song when it dropped back in November, and even then I knew that it was only a matter of time until she dropped a visual for the soothing record, and cleary her fans were waiting patiently for this too because in just under two weeks she has racked up nearly 220,000 thousand views on the video! Bennett is not only a fantastic artist who creates radio sounding records, but she has a solid team around her that only going to help bring her to the top, I highly suggest that you give her a listen before she blows up. Take a few minutes out of your Wednesday to check out this brand new music video below and if you are feeling the vibes that Bennett is providing then make sure you give her a follow on Twitter here! Directed by Griffin Olis

Blue Morning – [Atreesto]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Feb 2020

Atreesto is a talent who I have raved about on our lemon filled pages time and time again, and today the Las Vegas-based producer is back with a brand new offering titled “Blue Morning”. Atreesto’s work ethic is second to none and his massive workload proves that as he seemingly is dropping instrumental after instrumental on the weekly and as a fan of him it’s an awesome thing to be receiving this much solid material. Atreesto has been making himself a second home here on our website and as long as he keeps up the good work, click play on this brand new tune below and if you like what you hear then go ahead + follow him on Soundcloud here!


By Jaxon Brown // 19 Feb 2020

As genre borders continue to grow today in modern hip-hop, various artists look to find their niche in the industry through further individualistic and unique work. Rap is starting to blend with R&B, which sometimes blends with alternatives, and etc. Finding a sector to thrive in the increasingly-expansive industry is unimaginably difficult, though HIDDENHILLS has seemed to find one. HIDDENHILLS, a Seattle native who has relocated to ATL in search of further endeavors with his music career, released a polished new track titled, “STAY DANGEROUS,” featuring Florida artist HRTBRKFEVER, whom he has worked with several times in the past. The two have brilliantly smooth vocals mixed with themes of relationships and personal struggle. The track produced by MoFlo has a high-paced energy to it, which though is out-of-character for the artists, was adjusted to flawlessly. The song lasts just under three minutes, though the outstanding melody and vibrations had me lost for what seemed like much longer. HIDDENHILLS has gained a consistent fan and avid listener through me, and the sky seems to be the limit as he continues to build his library. Stream “STAY DANGEROUS” below!

6° – [Melo Makes Music]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Feb 2020

Melo Makes Music is one of the many gems that make up the Chicago music community, and today the extremely skilled creative is back on our pages with his brand new offering titled “6°”. I have been familiar with Melo Makes Music for almost half of a decade now, I have always thought that he had star-like potential, but lately, he has really been growing as an artist & it sounds weird but his music & appearance has become more polished + star-like. Not to mention that Melo has been making power moves and working his ass off, so it’s only right that he has got into this newfound position to excel, he worked hard to put himself there. This single was solid to me and it’s only leaving me more eager for a full-length tape from Melo, but for the time being get in tune with his latest release by pressing play below! Produced by Martin $ky & IKON

A Conversation With Kye Colors: Kansas City’s Potential Superstar

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Feb 2020

Kye Colors is a creative out of Kansas City, Missouri who I have been familiar with for almost three years now, I am a big fan of his material so when he was recently in Chicago for a performance, I invited him to the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new visual/written interview for our website! Kye Colors is just barely out of his teenage years but you wouldn’t be able to tell with how good that his music is, he sounds like a seasoned veteran in the game but he’s truly just getting started. Kye Colors has the perfect mix of rapping skills & singing abilities within his style, not to mention that he produces all of his own instrumentals, this kid is a talent that you need to keep an eye on. Take some of your time to read/watch our new interview with Kye Colors, and if you enjoy his sound & style then follow him on socials below! Follow Kye Colors on Twitter and Instagram! *interview by Elliot Montanez + Mike Del Ro* — EM: What made you want to start rapping? Kye: — EM: What’s your usual process like when you are making songs? Kye: I …



School Shooters (Remix) - [XXXTENTACION] ft. [Lil Wayne] & [Kemba]

Even before the release of XXXTENTACION’s album Bad Vibes Forever, X left a void in the world of music that will never be filled. His multifaceted talents could bring him from vocal cord busting yelling over distorted production to crooning over lighthearted and meditative acoustic guitar, as well as anything else along that spectrum. Many…

A Conversation With Kye Colors: Kansas City's Potential Superstar

Kye Colors is a creative out of Kansas City, Missouri who I have been familiar with for almost three years now, I am a big fan of his material so when he was recently in Chicago for a performance, I invited him to the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new visual/written interview for our…

PSA- [Fat Nick]

Fat Nick has been an underground phenom for some time now. His completely individualistic sound fits right on the same path that some of his friends are on including $uicideboy$, Germ, and Pouya, among others, yet they all find a way to separate themselves in their own lanes within a similar subset of the industry.…