Backbone – [Jimi Tents]

By Elliot Montanez // 17 Oct 2018

Way back in March Jimi Tents first made his debut on our pages with his “Phone Down” freestyle track, and this afternoon he is back with his brand new offering titled “Backbone”. The slow build at the start of this track gave it just the right amount of suspense before this menacing instrumental (produced by Mike Hector) smacked you in the face, then Jimi found the perfect pocket of the beat & spit a memorable verses with a somewhat raspy flow. Stream this brand new joint below and if you like it go ahead and give Jimi a follow on Soundcloud here.

Pretty Little Fears – [6LACK] feat. [J. Cole]

By Chuck Ramos // 17 Oct 2018

6LACK continues his hot streak with the release of his newest video featuring J. Cole for his song, “Pretty Little Fears.” This is 6LACK’s second music video from his recently released sophomore album, East Atlanta Love Letter, but his first collaboration debut with the famed Dreamville MC. Directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, who has directed videos for GoldLink, Clairo and Joji builds on his impressive visual storytelling career. The new video follows 6LACK and Cole as they confront the women in their lives about their past relationships and future plans. The cinematic visual goes from shots of the ocean to a high school gym then an abandoned carnival, with the focal point being the two main characters and their love interest. Check out 6LACK’s new video featuring J. Cole for “Pretty Little Fears” and give us your thoughts in the comment section!

October – [Samron Agnew]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2018

Samron Agnew is a familiar face around the Lyrical Lemonade pages, and today, he’s here to make his presence known yet again with a new single entitled “October”. Produced by fellow Lyrical Lemonade favorite, Icytwat, this other-worldly offering gives Samron the chance to speak his mind and create an ode to a current love interest. The lyrics range from massive displays of affection to smaller, yet equally as meaningful, presentations, and by topping it off with an incredibly catchy hook, Agnew is able to expand his artistry and show further signs of the ceiling-less potential that he holds. “October” is a solid release from an incredibly solid artist, so be sure to check it out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Casting Spells – [Danger Incorporated]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2018

Currently on the European stretch of a tour alongside none other than Father of Awful Records, Danger Incorporated is a group that you need to make sure you’re hip to. Hailing from Atlanta, their futuristic, boundary-pushing sound is certainly something that will turn heads, and today, this is on display with the Danger Boys’ latest song, “Casting Spells”. Backed by a hypnotic instrumental, the clash between the floating, mesmerizing vocals and the hard-nosed bass kicks makes for a beautiful contrast. This eccentric sonic direction makes for an easily-lovable song overall, and without a doubt, it’s going to keep Danger Incorporated’s stocks on an insuppressible rise. Click play on “Casting Spells” at the link below!

Don’t Forget About Me, Demos – [Dominic Fike]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2018

Every once in a blue moon — and it’s an innate feeling — I hear an artist that is, quite simply, bound to be star. When you sense it you sense it, and with Florida’s own, Dominic Fike, this is just the case. Completing a short jail stint while his collection of unreleased demos soared throughout the industry and eventually led to a bidding war between labels (Columbia Records was the victor), Fike has been a mysterious figure in the music world over the past few months, surrounded with the glowing tint of gold-struck talent without any music actually released on the internet. Today, he steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight with the long-awaited release of Don’t Forget About Me, Demos — and deservedly so, he arrives to the light greeted with the heads all turned in his direction. That said, in just 6 songs, Fike proves to live up to the buzz of excitement around his name with an absolutely gorgeous collection of music. His style is sun-kissed and simple, allowing for deepened emotion and unforgettably charismatic cadences to make their way to the light — and to top it all off, the guitar-led instrumentals on this …

Blaccheart – [Dham Lee]

By Seamus Fay // 17 Oct 2018

At the heart of Lyrical Lemonade exists a profound love for music discovery, and today, we have a newly-found gem to unveil to our pages in the form of an artist named Dham Lee and his latest offering, “Blaccheart”. Doused in charismatic soul and scatter-brained, addictive bouts of personal lyricism, this song proves Lee to be a natural entertainer whenever he hops on the mic. His voice sounds right at home alongside the unwavering strength of the instrumental, and by keeping it real wth each and every line, the rising talent is able to win over listeners after just one listen. “Blaccheart” is one of the best songs I’ve heard all week, but don’t just take my word for it. Click play for yourself at the link below and follow Dham Lee on Twitter here! Produced by @willsam6 Mixed/Mastered by @4kmicheal Artwork @2AMCLARK



Armed & Dangerous - [Juice Wrld]

Moments ago we dropped the brand new music video for Juice WRLD's brand new record titled "Armed & Dangerous", and it just might be the best Juice x Lyrical Lemonade visual yet! Ever since Juice WRLD first burst onto the scene we have known him to provide ear pleasing hit records that us fans just…

Robot Jesus EP - [CLICHE]

Following up on a couple fire singles, CLICHE drops his debut effort today in the form of an EP. Titled ‘Robot Jesus’, the project offers an introduction to the scope of the 19-year-old artist’s talents, painting him as a dextrous lyricist with an imaginative mind. Over four tracks, a constant bounce supercharged by CLICHE’s seemingly…

Understood - [Mick Jenkins]

Chicago native and Lyrical Lemonade favorite Mick Jenkins released a new track last night titled "Understood" and it's nothing you want to sleep on. I have been a fan of Mick Jenkins for years and if you are anything last me the first thing you noticed about this one was the KAYTRANADA production credit, the two…