Xtasy – [Ravyn Lenae]

By Danny Adams // 17 May 2022

I always say it in my articles, but I am so proud to call the city of Chicago my home, and a large part of that is because of the incredible art that is brought to life every single day here. The culture in the Windy City is supportive, collaborative, and creative, three of the most important things on my radar when searching for music in other parts of the world, and I just have yet to come across another place that does it quite like the Chi. Ravyn Lenae is someone who definitely makes me as proud as I am to consider the same city home, and although she has moments of silence or brief hiatus, she makes sure to hit us with something even more spectacular when she’s back. As we anticipate and prepare for his upcoming project Hypnos that is set to drop this Friday, May 20th, she teamed up with one of my favorite beat smiths Kaytranada for her latest single “Xtasy”, and I couldn’t have had higher hopes. The instrumental is so woozy and spacy and just pulsates with vivaciousness which is delivered alongside a trademark drum foundation that pulsates much like Kaytranada’s other hits. …

I’m Fresh – [Thaiboy Digital]

By Danny Adams // 17 May 2022

Underground music has always been much more progressive and boundary-pushing than anything in the mainstream has ever been or even claimed to be, and that has remained true for years and years. I mean, the underground scene in the United States has always brought some of my all-time favorite artists to my attention in some of the most unexpected ways, but when it comes to the artists overseas in certain countries, I think they take creativity to a whole other level. The grime scene in England is definitely super captivating for me, but I think out of every place in Europe, the artists who came up in Sweden have been more influential than anyone else for me personally. I mean, Yung Lean is truly a trailblazer and an innovator, and Drain Gang has put out some of the wildest and most entertaining music in the history of hip-hop, in my opinion, so whenever someone from this European country drops music, I am surely going to listen. Drain Gang standout Thaiboy Digital is definitely as worldly as most artists come, and his latest Whitearmor-produced track “I’m Fresh” proves that tenfold, especially with the accompanying music video shot by Gus Reichwald. The …

kite – [BabySantana]

By Danny Adams // 17 May 2022

With the exception of a handful of well-known names in the music industry, it’s not a very big surprise that hip-hop is a young person’s sport, and it has always been for the most part of its history. While young to some people used to be like 21 to 25, or something in that range, ever since the digital age has emerged, that number has gone down as low as ever, sometimes even including preteens who have bigger followings than seasoned vets. Well, one gripe I have with these youngsters is the fact that they don’t seem to put quite enough effort into the smaller, less fun things that make a song truly ready to be released because they’re often too focused on their next move. That’s why BabySantana has stood out to me from the moment I heard his music, and nothing has changed ever since. He just seems to try and make an effort to make sure songs are fully complete before he drops them, and I just think that his quality, especially for a kid his age, is leaps and bounds better than most other emcees in his class. I mean, if you don’t believe this statement, …

Put it in My Pocket – [Boobie Lootaveli] & [Pouya]

By Danny Adams // 17 May 2022

I don’t think it’s a stretch to call Pouya one of the biggest groundbreakers in the history of underground music because even in his very early days in music, he was able to hold his own and go toe to toe with some of the best, and that helped him progress much quicker than most emcees typically do. Although Boobie Lootaveli has been on my radar for less time overall than Pouya, he has fascinated me ever since I did find out about him a few years ago, and whenever these two emcees team up, you know there is nothing but fire being created. Unfortunately, Pouya’s collective Buffet Boys seemed to come to an end abruptly not too long ago, but thankfully it doesn’t seem like there is any bad blood or anything, they just wanted to move on to their next endeavor which is All But 6 records, and I’m pumped to see what they have up their sleeves! I mean, if the rest of their future is even half as entertaining as their latest release “Put it in My Pocket” is, then we’re in for a massive treat for years and years to come. Produced by Mikey the …

Behind the Scenes of BabyTron’s “Emperor of the Sun” Music Video

By Cole Bennett // 17 May 2022

The new BabyTron music video for “Emperor of the Sun” just dropped, so here’s the behind the scenes 🙂

Emperor of the Universe – [BabyTron]

By Elliot Montanez // 17 May 2022

BabyTron is an artist out of the midwest who we here at Lyrical Lemonade have been keeping a close eye on for a minute now, and this evening we are pleased to bring our audience BabyTron’s brand new music video for “Emperor Of The Universe”. This music video and song are different compared to any other project that we have worked on in the past, and not only that, it’s different than basically every other song in music history? That is because this record is BabyTron rapping over 21 different beats, and we shot the music video entirely on iPhone in 21 different locations to match. I don’t even know where to start with this video, so I will just talk about my favorite part, which is the ‘Hard In The Paint’ remix. The way that BabyTron and Michael Jordan go back and forth in this scene just made me fall out of my chair laughing, 10/10 all around. All of my bias aside, this was a really dope and creative video, it gave me 2017 vibes again and it has the feeling of a classic Lyrical Lemonade video. If there’s one thing I learned in this whole process, it’s …



Emperor of the Universe - [BabyTron]

BabyTron is an artist out of the midwest who we here at Lyrical Lemonade have been keeping a close eye on for a minute now, and this evening we are pleased to bring our audience BabyTron's brand new music video for "Emperor Of The Universe". This music video and song are different compared to any…

The Story Behind the "Lucid Dreams" and "All Girls Are The Same" Music Videos

Juice WRLD is not only one of the biggest musical icons of our generation but in music history, what he was able to accomplish was truly unbelievable, and we are blessed to be able to have witnessed it firsthand. In our latest episode of 'Behind The Video', LL founder Cole Bennett broke down the story…

Tell Me Lies – [Hoofy Baby] ft. [Mick Jenkins] [Jean Deaux] & [Qari]

Chicago is the greatest city in the world, and while this might be a biased statement on my behalf, I think that people wouldn’t disagree too often even if they’re not from here. As far as the music scene goes, I love how so many household names have come up in the same proverbial class…