Exotic – [CP]

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Jan 2020

Chicago’s own CP if fresh off of the release of his brand new debut project titled Cinema, and on the same day that we put out our interview featuring him, he is adding more pressure with the release of his brand new music video for the introductory record titled “Exotic”. Although the tape hasn’t had that much time to breathe just yet, I can already tell that this record is one of the favorite off of the tracklist from the feedback that I have heard thus far, so the fact that he already released a visual for the track is perfect, because the fans will be rushing to see if it has a video once they hear it! This release felt like a family affair considering that CP linked up with his close homie Lance Rowland who directed this music video, it’s awesome to see two people who are friends connect with each other using their own creative crafts and making a piece of art in the process. Take a few minutes of your day to watch this brand new visual below!

Enough’s Enough – [Paris Shadows]

By LL intern // 24 Jan 2020

I get super excited every time I get more content from Paris Shadows and as I was scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions just now I stumbled upon a brand new upload from Paris for his single Enough’s Enough just minutes ago. He always brings amazing storyline and emotions to his visuals and let alone music so I immediately stopped what I was doing and clicked the video. The video was directed by Casper Masi who has now done his last two visuals. He captures Paris losing control of his emotions and drinking wine next to his toilet in an extremely hurt place. I love how relatable and vulnerable Paris makes his art. Not hiding what someone might go through on a daily basis but instead sharing and helping. This is extremely important to share in music and it seems like it is becoming more and more transparent. The 300 Entertainment artist has been on a single roll-out and now has a video for each single on his YouTube page. Paris just finished a packed out European tour at the end of 2019 where he traveled all over the continent as well and that’s without dropping a project since 18’ so …

Get It (feat. Casanova) Remix – [Kaleb Mitchell]

By Sam Morrison // 24 Jan 2020

Kaleb Kaleb Mitchell is another one of those artists who never misses a beat. He’s made many appearances on our pages and every single one Has truly been worthwhile. Today the artist is back onto the lyrical lemonade platform with the remix of his well-known song entitled “Get It”. Over the past couple of months, this song has brought a lot of recognition to Kaleb and his artistry. The New York Jets used this original track for their theme song this year which was a huge win for the up and comer. Today, he’s back with another rendition of the infectious song, but this time with a completely boosted presence that adds well known artist Casanova to the mix. For an already impressive track, Kaleb really delivers on this brand new remix. All of his music is a breath of fresh air mixed with a high octane adrenaline rush, but this new one really takes that to new heights. The addition of Casanova was a great compliment as he adds his own style and swagger to a well rounded piece. Kaleb truly never disappoints and it d about time the whole entire world took notice to this rising artist who …

Mashallah – [Skinny]

By LL intern // 24 Jan 2020

I first heard Skinny on SoundCloud a couple years back and was immediately hooked. He gives hard ass lyrics with dark, ride in the whip type melodies with the perfect music to vibe to in any type of environment. And that’s what we get in his new music video for “Mashallah”. The video hit 400k views in just a week and is the 7th video from his extremely successful album Thank You For Nothing. Skinny has been blowing up in the Middle East in countries like Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Sudan, Turkey and more. Though he resides in LA, Skinny is global and is making his mark all over the world. He’s showing you don’t have to just gain immense traction where you live to be successful in music. In the video catch Skinny cruising in the whip and a scene with a beautiful ocean view backdrop. Jonas Picasso, the director of the video, did a great job of capturing Skinny’s personality and giving him a bold appearance. I’ve seen great progress in Skinny’s marketing since I’ve been following him and I’m excited to see where his career is going and what accolades he will achieve. Watch the new video …

Jazzsoup Vol. 3 – [Mindsoup]

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Jan 2020

Mindsoup is a platform that is constantly sharing new talented producers and I have written about their past work, and today they are back with their brand new compilation project titled Jazzsoup Volume 3. This latest compilation tape includes ten different instrumentals form ten different producers, it’s basically like a smorgasbord of different unique beats that were pieced & arranged together perfectly to make for a great listen through. Typically when you feature this many different people, especially producers, on the same project it’s tough to have a cohesive project but the great minds over at Mindsoup somehow managed to make this happen. Anybody who loves hip-hop or jazz instrumentals will LOVE this project, so don’t waste any more time, check it out for yourself below! Production from Soulslo, Emerld, Kilamdapro, Amber Haze, Solrakmi, Kognito Beatz, Davnnk, NoLabel, Hyumn & Flame

Sylo Songs – [Sylo Nozra]

By Sam Morrison // 24 Jan 2020

Sylo Nozra has made it onto our pages many times before for many well deserving moments. There’s truly not another artist out there whose career I’m more excited to watch take off. For the past couple of years, the Toronto native has been dropping consistent hits and I doubt that he’ll stop anytime soon.  His catalog of music is extremely impressive as it boasts a number of songs that have the ability to breath inspiration to anyone who listens. When it comes to an artist like Sylo, who has a myriad of songs out that are all equally stunning, you just wish they were all in one spot. Today, it’s my pleasure to let y’all know that every single one of Sylo Nozra’s songs can be be accessed under one umbrella.  Sylo and his team decided to do something that no one has done before in consolidating all of his songs off of previous albums and projects into one entire place, which is referred to as “Sylo Songs”.  The project is essentially a re-release of all of Sylo’s songs that have dropped before. Since the new age of music is quickly evolving, this move aims to make known that its …



Sense - [MAVI]

An artist that has become a favorite of our writers, and pretty much any music writer out there, is a genius by the name of MAVI. If at this point you haven't fully immersed yourself in his debut album Let The Sun Talk at this point then you need to seriously question some things in your life.…

Angel - [Cosimo]

The marriage between songwriting and instrumentation is an interesting one. Naturally, you'd think that one is meant to complement the other and vice versa; for example, if the production exudes a happier tone, the songwriting will probably be about, well, something happy. But this isn't always the case. Every so often, a song will come…

What's Poppin - [Jack Harlow]

Jack Harlow is somebody who we have been huge fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade over the past couple of years, he is no stranger to our audience considering he has performed at the Summer Smash as well as our Christmas Show, and today Jack Harlow is here with his brand new Cole Bennett directed…