Uh Huh – [J.R Cruise]

By Seamus Fay // 13 Dec 2018

Scrolling through social media earlier today, I was put onto the work of a rising artist by the name J.R Cruise with his brand new single, “Uh Huh”. Based on the infectious bounce of the song as well as the lyrical prowess that Cruise showcases throughout the track, I immediately knew that I had to share this one, as “Uh Huh” truly holds the potential to do some serious numbers. If you want to talk about how to bring some energy to the mic, this offering is the perfect case study to take a look at, so be sure not to sleep. J.R Cruise is onto something — stream his latest at the link below and stay updated on future releases by following him on Twitter here!

On To Better Things – [Adé Hakim]

By Seamus Fay // 13 Dec 2018

Adé Hakim, or Sixpress, as some may know him, is the kind of artist whom you can’t listen to just once. Lyrically, he’s multi-layered and introspective, while sonically, his dusty instrumentals and slow-burning samples explore worlds of their own creation, all without compromising the themes of quality or honesty within Hakim’s catalog. Today, the rising talent puts this all on display with his latest project, On To Better Things. Admittedly, we’re a few weeks late on this release, but nevertheless, it’s worthy of attention, as Hakim’s soulful presence on the mic makes for a captivating project in all 34 minutes of its duration. On To Better Things comes to terms with the realities of life, and it presents these lessons learned in an engaging sonic atmosphere, allowing for listeners of all different interests to enjoy a project of such unrivaled authenticity. Alongside features from Cleo Reed, King Carter, Pink Siifu, MIKE, Alphonse, and Jodi, this project finds Adé Hakim at home in both sound and delivery, so be sure to show some love and stream the project below. Hakim’s got next.

Crazy For Your Love – [Johnny Utah]

By Seamus Fay // 13 Dec 2018

Here to make his presence known on Lyrical Lemonade today is an upcoming artist by the name of Johnny Utah and his incredible new single, “Crazy For Your Love”. Addictive in energy and undeniably groovy in sound, this song is the kind of “funky” that makes you want to dance for hours on end. Utah uses his guitar to orchestrate the track’s galvanizing effects, and his impulsive, heart-led vocals are equally as impressive, lending hand to one of the most exciting singles I’ve heard in recent memory. Needless to say, this budding talent is more than ready to bring propel his lovable personality to stardom, so be sure to give him a chance by streaming the new single at the link provided below!

Potato Salad (Remix) – [TROSSTHEGIANT]

By Sam Morrison // 13 Dec 2018

Today, I’m excited to introduce you all to TROSSTHEGIANT. Tanner Ross, AKA “TROSSTHEGIANT” is an up and coming rapper from Oceanside, California who everyone should keep a close eye out for. The Southern California native has only been rapping for the past two years, but has quickly put together a respectable following that is expected to grow more and more as he releases new projects. When I first saw a video of TROSS rapping, his unassuming stature did not scream “Future Hip-Hop Star”, but once he opened his mouth, it was very easy to see the potential he has to create an illustrious career in this industry. Just recently he released a one take video set to Tyler The Creator’s “Potato Salad” beat (directed by Zach Sperazzo), and it’s nothing you’ll want to sleep on. Right off the bat, TROSS displays his quick wit, clever lyrical mastery, and unique flow, all while proving that rolling around the suburbs in a minivan can actually make for a pretty dope rap video. If this isn’t enough to pull you into the TROSS fan club, he has a lot more music on all streaming platforms, so give him a closer look. Be on the …

SahBabii Just Wants To Have Fun

By Seamus Fay // 13 Dec 2018

The world’s first major exposure to the name SahBabii arrived in the form of a bubbling street anthem entitled “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick”. Combining bright melodies and a lighthearted sound with threatening lyrics and all the appeal of a street-raised rapper, it combined two worlds of rap music into a refreshing blend of joyous and hardened charisma — an odd combination, but one that worked with a degree of unexpectedly seamless chemistry. SahBabii had arrived, and in an unconventional fashion, he had taken the spotlight in what many might have predicted would be a short run in the limelight. As is the case with many viral internet stars, the Atlanta bred artist had made way to the front of every blog with an eclectic sense of artistry as his support, but it was still unclear whether he would last or not. The truth is, especially in the run-and-gun age of streaming, not many viral hits offer any sense of longevity, and while “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” remained on repeat for the time being, the future was uncertain. It wouldn’t be long until another viral sensation came along and took the throne, consequently leaving SahBabii in the dust. Then …

Cruel (Peter CottonTale Remix)-Monica Martin

By Sam Morrison // 12 Dec 2018

Chicago native Peter CottonTale is back today with a new tune following the success of his well received track, “Forever Always”. This time around, the social experiment producer has teamed up with the former PHOX lead vocalist, Monica Martin to remix her latest solo song “Cruel”. The best remixes are those that add their own artistic stamp to the song, while still staying true to what makes the original so great; and Peter CottonTale does just that. His instrumental work on this song is nothing shy of simplistic genius, but what else can you expect from him by now? Before hearing this remix I wasn’t very familiar with Monica Martin, but after hearing her soulful vocals paired with Peter CottonTale’s groovy bass, drum and piano addition, it’s easy to see why her following as a solo artist is growing more and more each day. If you’re sick of Christmas music and looking for an extremely dope joint to blast through your speaker system, this is the track for you! I’ve attached the Spotify link for your listening pleasure, but keep in mind that the song is available on all streaming platforms! Enjoy!



Did That Did That - [Yung Bans]

Atlanta star Yung Bans has been one of the hottest artists to blow up in 2018, and tonight he is back with his brand new music video for "Did That Did That". Yung Bans has one of the most uniques voices & styles that make it easy for listeners to gravitate toward him, and this…

Intro - [Meek Mill]

Philadelphia's own Meek Mill is on top of the world as he is fresh off of the release of his extremely successful new album "Championships", and this afternoon he is back with a visual for the intro record of the project! When I first listened to the album I was hoping to see a music…

Family Function - [Father] [Zack Fox]

Between "Square Up" and Awful Swim, Awful Records' own, Zack Fox and Father, have been all over the headlines in recent months. Today, gifting us with a banger just in time for the holidays, the two join forces for a brand new single entitled "Family Function". Amidst a hard-nosed, trunk-rattling instrumental, this song is unapologetically eclectic…