Moonwalkin – [Krazie Pete]

By Elliot Montanez // 15 Feb 2019

An artist the goes by the name of Krazie Pete is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his brand new offering titled “Moonwalkin”. Krazie Pete joined forces with CEO Beatz and JUSTIIICE who provided him with the instrumental for this one trust me when I say that it’s one of the best beats that you will hear all day, leaving Krazie Pete with no choice but to make a hit. Take a few minutes of your night to check out this brand new jam below and if you like his sound be sure to give it a repost on Soundcloud.

Addicted – [Violet Star]

By Elliot Montanez // 15 Feb 2019

Today I am extremely happy to bring our audience the premiere of a brand new trio that goes by the moniker of Violet Star, consisting of Milwaukee breeds IshDARR, BoodahDARR, and Canadian bred Canis Major. Each of these creatives have remarkable talent so when I got word that they were going to create a Big 3 so to speak, I will on the edge of my seat trying to get some of their new music because I expected big things from them. Of course by the time that I got the chance to bump some of this heat in my headphones i was sold, and I was honored when the guys wanted to premiere this masterpiece on our pages. This track was produced by KINGBJMN and he really laced the trio with a beautiful instrumental, so hopefully he continues to work with these guys in the future. Listen to this debut offering below and if you like their sound be sure to give them a follow!

Loner – [Jumex]

By Elliot Montanez // 15 Feb 2019

Jumex is an artist that is from Illinois and makes some fantastic music, and this afternoon he is making his way back on our website with his brand new music video for “Loner”.  Jumex is pretty fresh off of the release of his last music video for “Trapped” that was directed by Odd Future’s own Taco, and it has been doing some serious numbers, already well past four millions views and still counting! With all that being said I expected this new music video to live up to those high standards that he placed upon himself, and sure enough he capitalized with yet another sensational visual. As if creating the ear pleasing music wasn’t hard enough Jumex had his hand in the direction of this video along with some help from Kyle Cogan, and together they created something to be proud of! Take a few minutes of your day to check out this addicting new music video below and if you like it be sure to give Jumex a follow on Twitter here.

Confessions – [J Nanks]

By Lucas Garrison // 15 Feb 2019

These days, the music is only half of the equation. To succeed in this era, you need to stand out. You need a brand, and, of course, a social media presence. What good is the music if nobody is around to hear it? What good is the music of nobody cares? With only a few releases under his belt, J Nanks has already laid a strong social media foundation by hanging out with some viral internet stars, constantly engaging with fans, and posting snippets of his music. One of those aforementioned snippets of a song entitled “Confessions” is nearing a million views and I’m fairly sure a quarter of them are from me. More than the enticing melody, or the way he rides the cushioned beat from Ditty Beatz , it was that raw energy that had me enthralled, constantly replaying the snippet. Finally, after much anticipation, J Nanks has unleashed the full version. Though the effort has a more polished, smoother sound, Nanks’ energy, and that intoxicating melody remain the tracks selling points, and show Nanks is more than just a “viral sensation.” With a big social media following, a passionate, engaged fanbase, and now, a potential hit, all signs point to Nanks rising up the ranks quickly.

LEAVE ME ALONE – [Kari Faux]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Feb 2019

Kari Faux announces the releases of her new upcoming EP, CRY 4 HELP, by sharing its first single, “LEAVE ME ALONE.” Faux has been dormant for over a year since the release of her last project, Primary, in 2017. Known for her introspective raps and futuristic sound, Faux has been able to generate a following of listeners who revel in quality and truth. Her latest single, “LEAVE ME ALONE,” is no different finding Faux at her most honest announcing her departure from temporary friendships. The bridge-burning anthem has been on repeat ever since its release and has us beyond excited for the next phase of her roll out and following project. Check out Kari Faux’s newest single, “LEAVE ME ALONE,” below and show some love to the Little Rock Arkansas artist by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

Crazy – [Key Glock]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Feb 2019

Key Glock shares a new video for his psych ward anthem, “Crazy.” Wrapped in a straight jacket, Glock delivers a sporadic set of bars that reflect the song’s title. Alternating between shots of Glock and a bundle of leather clade women, the video fixates on the dominatrix side of the anthem. Despite being on the road touring his latest mixtape, Glockoma, Key Glock seems to be unfazed by the tiresome nature of the road still finding the energy to release next level visuals for his buzzing project. It is a great time to be a Key Glock fan has his dominance continues to build with each release. We hope you are as eager as we are to see and hear new content from the popping Southern emcee. Check out Key Glock’s new video for “Crazy” below and connect with him on Twitter and Instagram.



Alley Oop - [Yung Gravy] [Lil Baby]

Yung Gravy and Lil Baby are two of the most entertaining names in rap right now, and today, breathing new life into their endlessly enjoyable collaboration, "Alley Oop", the two are here to unveil a brand new music video to fit right alongside the song. Following up the loud and out-there energy of this one,…

Confessions - [J Nanks]

These days, the music is only half of the equation. To succeed in this era, you need to stand out. You need a brand, and, of course, a social media presence. What good is the music if nobody is around to hear it? What good is the music of nobody cares? With only a few…

Robbery - [Juice WRLD]

Chicago superstar Juice WRLD just released his brand new offering titled "Robbery" about an hour ago, and it's by far the best record you will hear all week! Juice WRLD has an unmatched ability to make smash hit love songs one after another & this new joint is the latest of the bunch, he truly spilled…