Fake News – [TYDM]

By Nick Mueller // 16 Aug 2019

Making his debut on our pages today with a brand new single, rising rapper TYDM delivers a phenomenal, relevant record titled “Fake News”. TYDM is a new aged sensation that is in every way beyond all social standards. Through a vibrant sound and high-fashion, “TY” takes a stance as the voice to the youth through guidance, charity, and as a teacher for inspiration to grow and be thankful. As TY’s team explained, “Fake News” makes a statement on both the impact of fake news not just within politics today, but in rap culture as well. As many may not realize, this release is the first time the world has heard from TY in over a year. In addition, TY expressed that “a lot of people actually thought that I stopped music because I’ve been going so hard with modeling & fashion. That’s FAKE NEWS though. I’ve been loading up on so much music and I’m back and better than ever. Fake News is the dawn of a new era.” This song starts a journey for TY and his team that will be almost impossible to stop. Behind the catchy melodies and captivating flows, an inspired and determined artist named TYDM stands ready for his turn. If …

Caffeine – [Lolo Zouaï]

By Mike del Ro // 16 Aug 2019

For pop music fans who are looking to hit the refresh button in hopes of finding a new voice to rally behind, look no further then Lolo Zouaï. The French-American artist garnered praise from both critics and listeners for her debut album ‘High Highs to Low Lows’, and considering she’s also inked a deal with RCA Records, the best has likely yet to come. Zouaï’s album serves as an emotional rollercoaster that’s part auto-biographical and part sample-platter to get listeners accustomed to her sound. “Caffeine” offers one of the record’s most straightforward pop moments, coming across as a club-ready hit wrapped in layers of Zouaï’s elusive vocals and carefully arranged trap production by Stelios Phili. The music video for “Caffeine” feeds off the dizzying allure of the song, as director Nathalie Canguilhem utilizes fast cuts and swift camerawork to showcase Zouaï in her element. It’s a change of scenery from the DIY, vintage visuals that Zouaï has released in the past, but her charisma and authenticity still come across even with the added production value. Watch the video for “Caffeine” below:

Comb My Hair – [Pretty Boy Aaron] ft. [Tesia] [BRUHNICE]

By Mike del Ro // 16 Aug 2019

Dallas-based artist Pretty Boy Aaron had been teasing his newest song on Twitter for months, and while a short snippet could only give away so much, the infectious disco-inspired guitar riff and poppy hook previewed in the video had loyal fans and new listeners alike urging Aaron to hurry up and drop “Comb My Hair”. This week, the songwriter decided to release the song in its entirety, and the full version only capitalizes on the song’s potential for addictive bubblegum fun. Aaron has made his ability to blend genres a consistent characteristic of his music. His 2017 project ’Stay Pretty’ mixed indie-rock guitar riffs, pop melodies, and rap verses to fully capture the breadth of his style. On some tracks from ‘Stay Pretty’, he goes full Mac Demarco (there’s actually a song called “Blac Demarco”), and on others, he’s spitting bars over grungy, boom-bap production (see “North”). “Comb My Hair” feels like a step forward for Aaron: it’s without a doubt his catchiest song to date and his most polished in terms of vocals and production. The track also escalates with a feature from Brooklyn-based artist Tesia, who lends her mesmerizing vocals on the song’s hook, entrancing a listener as …

Indigo – [NIKI]

By Mike del Ro // 16 Aug 2019

88rising’s reigning pop queen NIKI returns this week with some new mid-summer heat on her single “Indigo”. Following her EP ‘wanna take this downtown’ which dropped earlier this year, the Indonesian singer-songwriter picks the tempo back up on this song and matches that upbeat energy with an equally captivating music video. NIKI’s hit her stride as an artist by walking a line between pop and RnB, and “Indigo” floats comfortably between the two genres, combining catchy melodies that carry an undeniable influence of soul in them with shimmering pop production. NIKI’s crystal clear vocals shine on “Indigo” as well, gracing the track’s tongue-twisting lyrics with ease and an airy vocal style. “Indigo” is the first single off 88rising’s forthcoming compilation album, ‘Head in the Clouds II’. With Rich Brian’s new album, and releases from other artists such as Joji, August08, and now NIKI, 88rising continues to gain traction and momentum from their impressive roster. Moreover, by releasing her solo track as the lead single, it seems the label is ready to give NIKI the spotlight she deserves. Watch NIKI’s new video for “Indigo” below:

Deuce Deuce – [Armanii Day]

By Seamus Fay // 16 Aug 2019

Upon clicking play on the latest release from Armanii Day, Deuce Deuce, I was entirely unfamiliar with the rising talent’s music. Noticing that she was from Chicago, however, I decided to give it a chance after the 2-song release slipped into my feed, and as you might have guessed, I was thoroughly surprised and impressed with what I heard. Right off the bat, despite having not heard of Day before Deuce Deuce, the first song here — “Jupiter” — immediately took me into Armanii Day’s world, creating a mesmeric escape with such curious and mysterious production. Every line grabbed my full attention thanks to her clever storytelling, and furthermore, Day’s personality was sure to show through her lyricism, crafting a head-turning character that immediately had me hooked within the first 30 seconds of “Jupiter.” The second song on Deuce Deuce, “Hadou!!,” is the more high energy of the two, building on the otherwordly themes of “Jupiter” with a profoundly exciting bundle of energy to match. Day is sure to deliver the dense, vivid lyricism of the first song, but she also switches up her pace a few times throughout “Hadou!!,” keeping things entertaining while exploring the anthemic, sing-a-long nature of song in the …

Do I Make You Nervous – [Serena Isioma]

By Seamus Fay // 16 Aug 2019

If you’ve been following our pages for some time now, I’m sure you’ve heard the name Serena Isioma at least once or twice. Put simply, this budding talent has emerged as one of the most refreshing acts on my radar right now, and today, she’s here to prove it yet again with my personal favorite release of hers to date, “Do I Make You Nervous.” The first main aspect of this one that caught my attention was the instrumentation. From the backset presence of the organ to the polished guitar riffs, producer C. Medina crafts a galvanizing sonic environment, even crossing over into what seems like post-Neptunes territory with the gorgeous, otherworldly synths. Each layer adds to the vivid texture of the production, and Isioma’s vocals act as the cherry on top, unforgiving and energetic as can be in their energy. With this, speaking to the point of “unforgiving,” “Do I Make You Nervous” details Isioma’s declaration to do her own thing in a world where outside influences try to control her. Throughout the single, she consistently belts out the ever-important line, “imma do me,” not just telling the world that she’s going to follow her own path, but also …



Ransom Remix - [Lil Tecca] x [Juice Wrld]

One of my favorite things things in 2019 has been to watch the rise of Lyrical Lemonade favorite Lil Tecca who has blown up ever since dropping "Ransom", and today he just blessed his fan base with a brand new remix of the track featuring Juice Wrld! I was on the edge of my seat…

Behind the Music: Highlighting the Producers of Today's Sound

By: Lee Mcintosh When it comes to creating great music, the artists are the ones who receive most of the recognition for the creation of the song. Their name is what’s attached to the song, their flows, their likeness, and even the features that the artist may have. However, the song making process all begins…

Purple Heart - [Baby Smoove]

Detroit is the place to be in rap right now. From flows to pace, the D is birthing a great deal of what's hot, and amongst the city's most impressive young talents is Lyrical Lemonade favorite Baby Smoove. Today, in his most artful release to date, Smoove is back with his new project, Purple Heart. Being…