6 Dogs release three new songs!

By Elliot Montanez // 20 Mar 2019

While browsing through Soudncloud looking for new music I noticed at LL favorite 6 Dogs just uploaded not one, not two, but three brand new records titled “Lightning”, “Can’t Miss” and “Plant Life”. The first of the bunch is a slow paced tune that is over a vibrant instrumental, while the seconds offering titled “Can’t Miss” was more of a reflective & slightly darker cut where he addresses some of his struggles. My favorite of the bunch was definitely the last cut titled “Plant Life”, where you will find 6 dogs giving us more of a braggadocious and feel good record that you can vibe out to with the homies. Listen to all of these songs below and see which one you like the most! All Three songs produced by David Morse + Daniel Hartzog on “Plant Life”

Racks On Me – [RonSoCold] x [YoungJordan]

By Elliot Montanez // 20 Mar 2019

Lyrical Lemonade favorite RonSoCold has been releasing a bunch of hit music lately, and this afternoon he is back with a brand new track called “Racks On Me” featuring Young Jordan. One that that always impresses me about RonSoCold is that this man has an excellent ear for great production, you will never find him rapping over an instrumental that isn’t stellar, and this beat that was provided here by Jetsonmade + 1stclass was certainly up to par. I wasn’t too familiar with Young Jordan before coming across this track but once I heard the feature from him on the back end of this one I was sold, I had to rewind this track a few times through because it was so good. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new track below! prod. jetsonmade + 1stclass

Kids Trap 7 – [Netherfriends]

By Elliot Montanez // 20 Mar 2019

You already know the deal by now, Netherfriends has been dropping a new project almost every week of this year, and the latest of the bunch was Kids Trap 7. Netherfriends has been known to release albums about random topics and ideas and it doesn’t take too much brain power to see exactly where he is heading with this one, especially if you have heard some of his past work. Go sit back, relax and get lost in some of Netherfriends latest vibes below.

Still A Takeover – [Cdot Honcho]

By Elliot Montanez // 20 Mar 2019

Cdot Honcho is one of the best emcees to come out of Chicago in the past few years, and today he is back with his latest music video for his banger titled “Still A Takeover”. Cdot Honcho joined forces with fellow Chicagoan @Azaeproductions who was the man behind the camera on this joint, and together the two of them created yet another great visual to add to their growing list of amazing material. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative production that was featured on this song, so shout out to @NoahInHisBag for blessing Cdot with this stellar beat to make all of this possible. Cdot continued his trend of improving with every release with this offering, but don’t take my word for it though, check it out for yourself below.

A Closer Look Into Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

By John Norris // 20 Mar 2019

On the Road Again, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Talks the New Approach of Latest Project “Suffer On,” the Impact of Lil Peep’s Death, Major Label Wooing, and the Future of GothBoiClique For the first time ever on a headlining tour, Adam McIlwee, the Pennsylvania  electronic angst auteur who records as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, has gone out with a stage backdrop, and it’s impressive. But last week in Brooklyn, he didn’t use it. No need, really, as the artist was performing in front of one of the most dramatic views a New York venue has to offer: the elevated tracks of the J, M and Z trains, which rumble by periodically mid-set, just outside the beloved indie venue Market Hotel. It feels like a moment for Wicca Phase. Maybe not a splashy, look-at-me moment, but then, flexing is not really for McIlwee, who at 29 has already logged several notable chapters in an unlikely musical path, one that’s bridged punk, hip-hop, emo, and most recently evolved into singer-songwriter acoustics. He’s still based in his native Scranton, PA, where in the late 2000’s he fronted the indie outfit Tiger’s Jaw, until more electronic and experimental tendencies led him to split from …

No Wonder – [Billy]

By Lucas Garrison // 20 Mar 2019

Billy came across my radar thanks to two spots on Kevin George’s 2018 standout EP, Fortina, and he’s been impressing me ever since. A diamond in the “rough” Billy’s sound is lightyears ahead of where you would think he is. There’s so much more to the game than having great music, but as evidenced on his latest cut, “No Wonder,”  it’s only a matter of time until “the rest” catches up. With a vocal effort that weaves between singing and rapping with an emotional, atmospheric filter, “No Wonder” will certainly resonate with rap fans. While he excels in that realm, ultimately it’s the pop undertones he sneaks into the music–here it’s in the productions drum-driven backbone–that gives him that irresistibly catchy, pop-centric sound. Get in on the ground floor while you still can! Extra credit: “Heart Breaker” 



Look Both Ways - [rosegoldltd] ft. [Son Boro] [Shaka Zane] [Grito El Sancho]

You truly never know what gems you might stumble upon while surfing SoundCloud. Today, the latest gem I've discovered goes by the name of "Look Both Ways" by rosegoldltd, including features from Son Boro, Shaka Zane, and Grito El Sancho and appearing on the group's The Rosie Tapes, Vol. 1 project. Bubbly and bright as…

Cabela's - [Shaboozey]

Shaboozey first caught my attention after his well-known song, "Dream," popped up on my discover weekly Spotify playlist. It didn’t take me long after that to become instantly hooked on this up and coming talent, so if you don’t know about Shaboozey, then it's definitely about time you took notice.  Today, the artist from Woodbridge,…

Can't Jump - [Asher Roth] x [Chuck Inglish]

Just a few minutes ago veteran emcees Asher Roth and Chuck Inglish blessed just with a brand new record titled "Can't Jump" and it's not anything you want to sleep on. The first thing that you will notice on this song is the fast tempo and bouncy instrumental, before Asher came through with some light…