If You Let Me – [Riela]

By Jarred Howard // 29 Nov 2021

Miami-based Latin singer Riela is back with a brand new single entitled “If You Let Me.” This record is the first single from her forthcoming sophomore EP entitled ‘lloar y perrear’. The Panamanian and Cuban songbird lays down English and Spanish lyrics over electric guitar, bass and trap 808s. The theme of this track is about her partner not meeting her halfway in their relationship. Riela shared via email that “Giving as much as you can, supporting them in any way that you can but getting absolutely nothing in return.” Riela continued to elaborate that no matter how much you want it to work out you must let it go when those efforts go unnoticed. This like many of the other records in Riela’s discography is very personable and relatable to the listener. This is one of the dynamics that make her a special artist and one of few artists I expect to make a big jump in 2022. Stream Riela’s newest single “If You Let Me” for yourself after the break.

My City – [Rarin]

By Jarred Howard // 29 Nov 2021

Rarin isn’t your normal everyday college student. Or actually, he might be because it’s so many kids who are musicians out there today. Regardless you should press play on his newest single entitled “My City.” When I first played this it threw me off but for some odd reason, I liked it. It was mainly because Rarin was sing in the key of the famous “Hit The Road Jack” by Ray Charles and I’ve never really heard that in a rap song with 808s before. The beat which was produced by AyoWhit is also pretty interesting which the piano is used as the melody. I guess I say that because it’s not really a generic melody, the 808s are pretty standard but that’s so instrumental isn’t overproduced. This is the second time I’ve covered Rarin and although he could be more consistent from track to track he’s normally able to catch my attention with different records. I believe if he keeps honing his sound he’ll carve out a nice lane for himself in music. Stream Rarin’s new single “My City” after the break.

Right Time – [Tino Szn]

By Jarred Howard // 29 Nov 2021

Tino Szn is one of the fastest-growing teenage artists out right now. With his recent mixtape “4 Seasons”, he solidified that he’s one to watch from the next generation of talent. At only 17 years old, Tino has seen success from his music in multiple genre spaces, but has crossed over into a rap-rock hybrid with his latest offering “Right Time”. The video starts off with a classic garage rock scene, with Tino and his band playing instruments and jamming to the upbeat track. The scene moves into a desert, reminiscent of a classic rock video where the band plays with a landscape as the background. It has nods to the Deftones “Minerva” video, Nirvana videos, and other staples of classic rock music videos. The genre-bending influence is clear in this video. Tino also steps into the role as frontman of the band, showing fans a new side of the artist, who most are used to seeing the artist in his signature style rap videos. Tino’s versatility and his fast-rising popularity among listeners is a reminder that in today’s music landscape, listeners are drawn to artists who show they can master more than one sound. Tino is definitely fulfilling this …

FUK EM – [SSGKobe] & [Lil Yachty]

By Danny Adams // 29 Nov 2021

There are so many different traits that can be appreciated throughout the diverse landscape that is hip-hop music, and some artists grab my attention much more than others. As for SSGKobe, he has been making music for a handful of years, but his patience is a quality that I think so many young artists can learn from. Sure, he’s still young himself, but the fact that he’s been grinding for years and has only recently begun to see success in his career should show up-and-comers that as long as you have the drive and desire to succeed and mold your sound into something that will appeal to the masses, you can make it in this cutthroat industry. Although his catalog of hits grows more extensive by the day, it seems, he always maintains that workhorse mentality, and this is what separates him from the rest. I’m not sure what the rest of 2021 holds for the young star, but I do know that just the other day he decided to team up with Lil Yachty to release another banger entitled “FUK EM”, and you need to hear this song to truly appreciate it. In the instrumental, some lively, electronic synths …

Me or Sum – [Nardo Wick] ft. [Future} & [Lil Baby]

By Danny Adams // 29 Nov 2021

There are certain artists who very easily could call this year their own because they not only made waves and introduced themselves into the music industry, but they also made some moves that will solidify themselves in the hip-hop world from here on out. For Nardo Wick, it’s pretty easy to see that he has dominated this year probably more than anyone else, working with artists like Lil Durk, 21 Savage, G Herbo, and more as well as even receiving an unbelievable music video from our very own Cole Bennett. It’s just insane to think that even though he has been making music for a couple of years, he had so many prominent moments in 2021 that are setting him up for success, and the year isn’t even over. His debut album Who is Nardo Wick? is set to release this Friday, and in case fans weren’t already excited enough, he decided to build even more buzz with the release of one more single entitled “Me or Sum” which features massive guests in Future and Lil Baby. Z3N produced this hit, beginning with some serene string progressions, booming 808s, and tapping percussion before quickening the tempo and incorporating some much …

Tony Montana Flow – [Chief Keef]

By Danny Adams // 29 Nov 2021

The work ethic of Chicago’s very won Chief Keef is pretty much unmatched when comparing his discography to other artists’, and even though this year might seem relatively quiet for him, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t dropped off some incredible releases. In previous years, he has released numerous mixtapes and projects seemingly every few months, and even though we haven’t received a full-length project in 2021, he’s still working as hard as ever. It has been quite some time since he announced that he’d be teaming up with Mike WiLL Made-It for a collaborative album, and even though there is no word as to when that can be expected to drop, all of the singles that they have put out together have been absolute heaters, so I truly hope we get more information on this album as soon as possible. Nonetheless, Sosa is a Windy city legend, and it doesn’t matter if he drops full-length projects, mixtapes, EPs, or singles because I’m going to tune in regardless. Out of nowhere, Keef decided to bless fans with a brand-new track entitled “Tony Montana Flow”, and although I feel like its release went way more under the radar than it should have, …



04 - [redveil]

Prince George's County, Maryland based artist redveil returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new banger titled "04." Accompanied with a Tyler Shuler directed music video, the creative inspiration thematically pays homage to some iconic 2004 moments such as Kanye West's "All Falls Down." Moreover, the reoccurring VHS camcorder adds a nostalgic feel visually, while…

Bel-Air - [J. Seuss]

Nashville artist J. Seuss is fresh to our pages today with his upbeat, feel-good new track "Bel-Air" where he floats over a bouncy, west-coast leaning instrumental with his playful flow. I enjoyed this song and J. Seuss is yet another artist making noise in Nashville, helping continue to carve out one of the most dynamic…

Go – [$NOT]

I feel like with every single new release from $NOT, I find myself consistently enjoying him more and more. I’m just overwhelmed at the fact that he’s seriously one of the most dexterous, versatile artists in the entire music industry, and while way too many people sleep on him, in my personal opinion, his real…