Blitz – [LilJaySoIcy] ft. [Stunna 4 Vegas]

By Brodie Harvey // 18 Jun 2019

A special moment for any artist is when a rising star links up with somebody more established opening them up to new fans all over. Houston up and comer LilJaySoIcy has done that linking up with one of the most buzzing artists out of Charlotte, Stunna 4 Vegas, for the new single “Blitz”. The beat, produced by Notsixx7, really highlights each artist’s respective signature flows. Stunna comes in with his typical aggression and LilJaySoIcy has a much more subdued delivery that hits just right. With this collaboration, it is most definitely exciting times for the artist who is making serious waves out in Houston. Stream the new single below and be on the lookout for more music from LilJaySoIcy soon!

Good Friends Club – [Angst]

By Brodie Harvey // 18 Jun 2019

After hyping up the release of his follow up album, Angst has finally delivered Good Friends Club. After a few full plays of this project, the step’s the internet-influenced artists has taken since his debut 2018’s Loser are clear as the young artist is coming into his own. This project is full of raw emotion and highlights many of the dark realities a lot of us struggle with. Angst has been able to connect with fans in a deep way due to this realism, depression/anxiety are daily parts of people’s lives and Angst makes music that addresses issues in a real way. Over the 7 song EP, Angst opens up more than he has previously and illuminates his experience and success since his last project. Production on this project is very much on point, including frequent collaborators such as Gin$eng, Midnight7k, Juelz, and Angst himself. Each song brings a different feel to this EP, two have been on repeat since it dropped. The first being title track “Good Friends Club” Which features quickly rising artist 916frosty who pairs with Angst’s vocals perfectly. Quite possibly, my favorite Angst collaborator is fellow Vancouver emcee Yurms, who provides his electric energy to the track. Any time …

Dyin Breed – [Polo G]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jun 2019

As I’m sure many of you know, Die A Legend, Polo G’s debut album has been skyrocketing to the top of the charts across all platforms the last week and a half. With over a half dozen songs in the top 50 trending on Soundcloud and the project continuously growing, I couldn’t wait for Polo to put out a visual to one/any of the songs. The first came June 9th, just two days after the album drop when he released a video for one of my favorite tracks off the project, “Dyin Breed.” The video catches Polo and his homie flexing in a mansion on what looks to be the luxurious coastline of California or somewhere similar. He brings out his BMW i8 which he references in the song, flaunting his butterfly doors and custom interior. Other scenes include models having pillow fights, in which Polo seems to pay no mind. The production and editing are flawless, with excellent use of transitions and distortion of clips as well as smooth color filters and cut scenes. This video is a beautiful representation of the come up Polo has had in such a short time – and previews the glamorous life that is …

4runner – [prettyboyshav]

By Nick Mueller // 18 Jun 2019

It’s always something special when one of my favorites, prettyboyshav, releases new tunes. Today, he returns to our pages with a brand new offering titled “4runner”, a complete masterpiece from top to bottom. Following his previous release titled “ultraviolet”, shav delivered this record just in time for summer as he teamed up with Mike Irish once again. Over a fun, energetic production, the New York native unleashes a staggering melody accompanied by an undeniable tone to secure this song’s spot as shav’s second official single. Shav tends to bury his experiences within his records, and after speaking with him this time, that became very clear. “4runner captures the feeling of feeling something new and shiny that makes you feel brand new”, shav says. “A new ride, a new pair of kicks, a new job, a new friendship, or a new relationship.” Furthermore, he explains that “it’s a feeling that has you dancing in the streets or sticking your head out of a window with your tongue out because you know you’re shining.” Lastly, shav depicts his personal connection to the song, where “for me it was finding balance in my life and discovering the magic that was shifted recording.” One …

Funhouse Mirror – [Marlon Craft]

By Barry Rosenblum // 18 Jun 2019

Personally, I’ve been following the long and exciting journey of Marlon Craft for several years. The NY based rapper has evolved from throwing up classic hip-hop remixes on Facebook and YouTube into an artist capable of offering some of hottest bars in hip-hop on an original and refreshing new album. Funhouse Mirror, Craft’s debut album, contains a plethora of impressive flows, lyrics and production and includes features from Nyck Caution, Dizzy Wright and more. Craft’s effortless delivery, intricate rhythms and multiple cadences are proof that the young emcee is more than capable of running with the best. Already acknowledged as one of the strongest lyricists in New York, Marlon Craft is destined for greatness with this one.

Give It/What I Get – [HUNJIYA]

By Seamus Fay // 18 Jun 2019

Every single day, multiple times a day, I find myself scrolling through SoundCloud looking for new artists to write about. Few and far in between are the artists that I find myself latching onto, but when one of these artists finally does come around, I always try and figure out why I’m so allured by their music. In the case of my latest discovery — HUNJIYA and the incredible new song, “Give It/What I Get — the reason for my sparked interest is that of knowing oneself and one’s team in an artistic sense. From the very opening seconds up until the switch up and the eventual end of this two-part offering, it’s clear that everyone involved didn’t just know their role, but rather, they knew how to play as a team. If I hadn’t read the credits of the song in the description on SoundCloud, I truly would have never guessed that this was a collaborative effort. The seamless marriage between production, lyrics, deliveries, aesthetic, and everything in between honors cohesivity more than anything else, and resulting is an unbelievable song with a dream team of collaborators as the masterminds behind the job. That said, not only is “Give It/What …



Run It Back - [Craig Xen] & [XXXTentacion]

One artist who has been having a standout year in 2019 is none other than Craig Xen, who is finding himself back on our website today with the release of his brand new offering titled "Run It Back" featuring XXXTentacion. Before even pressing play on this one I expected it to be two things, bass…

Bad Idea - [YBN Cordae] x [Chance The Rapper]

If you are an avid fan of Lyrical Lemonade then you know that all of us here at LL have been big fans of Chance The Rapper for years now, and you also know that we love & support YBN Cordae a ton, so you can only image the excitement around here when this new…

HIGH - [DuEaux]

Sometimes when you first click on a new song or project, you're not really sure what you're getting into. But then there's some, by just looking at the project art, or hearing the project name - that you know exactly what you're about to hear. That's the case with Wisconsin product DuEaux and their new…