Shot With Me – [Moe Young] ft. [lilspirit]

By Danny Adams // 15 Jan 2021

Few artists are actually able to capture the attention of any member of Internet Money, so that’s why whenever I heard of a talent working with the hit factory out on the West Coast, I need to listen up. Moe Young is a talent I have consistently heard about, but I have yet to truly listen in to consistently in all honesty. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why because everything I’ve ever heard has been absolutely magnificent, so I realize that I need to finally cut the excuses and give this man the respect and attention he has worked so hard for. Back at the beginning of Summer, Moe hit up the IM family and trusted that they’d not only help him build another hit, but they’d also give him some assistance on the lyrical front with lilspirit, and “Shot With Me” was created. Considering this was a simple SoundCloud upload, it might not have been expected to take off quite as it did, and luckily, Moe decided to bring this hit to life in the form of an outstanding music video directed by JakeTheShooter. As the song begins to play, the camera pans down from the sky …

Bad Boy – [Juice WRLD] x [Young Thug]

By Elliot Montanez // 14 Jan 2021

For well over a year, Juice WRLD + Lyrical Lemonade fans have been impatiently waiting for the release of Juice’s last music video that was shot while he was still with us, and tonight I am honored to be bringing you the final product for “Bad Boy” featuring Young Thug. This visual was shot here in Chicago on the west side in 2019, and it’s been a long + tough process to get this one released, but it’s finally here. First and foremost, the production on this track that Pi’erre Bourne cooked up is easily one of the most memorable instrumentals that I have ever heard, it’s so hard-hitting, gritty, and unique. Then when you take a truly unforgettable beat and put the GOAT’s Juice WRLD and Young Thug on top of it, only great things can happen, and they created a timeless piece of music. When you have all of these things in place such as the monumental instrumental and legendary artists, and they create something this good, you need the perfect video to bring the song to life. So of course, they recruited Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett to direct the visual, who was clearly the perfect choice, …

A Lot – [Night Lovell] [Lindasson] & [FTG Reggie]

By Danny Adams // 14 Jan 2021

One of my favorite things about music is the fact that even in the same genre, there are always artists pushing the boundaries and going above and beyond to try and break through barriers that a quote on quote “genre” might attempt to place them in. As for Night Lovell, he has had this unbelievable ability to bring a new sound to Rap music, and while it might be somewhat dark or macabre during certain moments, it’s these themes that consistently repeat themselves that have always made me such a huge fan. Most recently, he teamed up with fellow Ottawa spitters Lindasson and FTG Reggie, and although I was previously uninformed about these two artists, I now know that I need to listen up much more intently after listening to the trio’s brand-new song “A Lot”. Produced by CR and 10kkrazy, the hitmaking duo brought an instrumental to life through pumped up, anticipatory synths of some sort, intense percussion, and always succinct 808s that complement Lovell’s voice insanely well. He comes in right as the beat drops, casually yet somehow still menacingly, and his words just assault your eardrums like they normally seem to do. Lindasson comes in for the …

Baby – [DJ Scheme] ft. [Iann Dior]

By Danny Adams // 14 Jan 2021

DJ Scheme has long been a close friend and acquaintance of ours here at lyrical lemonade, and like a fine wine, he continues to only get better with age. At the beginning of December, he dropped off his debut album FAMILY and it was an absolute smash hit, at least in my mind. He was able to bring all different styles and sonic landscapes to life throughout this 17-song album, and every time I go back and revisit it, I seem to be more and more blown away. Obviously, the features he selected on this project help Scheme provide different stylistic choices, but every single guest plays such an important role in this album’s success. He got names like Skrillex, Joey Bada$$, Ski Mask, Lil Yachty, Ty Dolla $ign, Fenix Flexin, $NOT, and too many others to name in this sentence, but I never imagined seeing some of these talents on the same album let alone the same song. One of my favorite cuts off of the project is definitely “Baby” featuring Iann Dior, and although this is a much more soothing, heartfelt ballad than what we’re used to hearing from Iann, he takes the baton and runs with it. …

Big Bat – [Plu2o Nash] x [SG Batman]

By Elliot Montanez // 14 Jan 2021

Plu2o Nash is literally a living legend, he is one of the best producers not only in the city of Chicago but in the entire country! He has a special ear and always seems to put me onto new musical talent every so often, and one artist that he put me onto a while ago who’ve I have enjoyed is SG Batman. Recently, Plu2o Nash and SG Batman joined forces for a brand new EP called Big Bat, and it’s a solid tape if you ask me. There’s just something by Plu2o Nash’s immaculate production that brought out the best in SG Batman, who provided us with a bunch of greats raps + melodies on these four songs, as they created something to be proud of. Take some time out of your Thursday to stream this new project below!

Mine – [Ebony Loren]

By Elliot Montanez // 13 Jan 2021

Today we have an artist that goes by the name of Ebony Loren who is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her latest offering titled “Mine”. I first found out about Ebony Loren after speaking with a friend of mine who suggested that I should check out her music, I trusted his opinion and she emphasized that he believed that she had superstar potential, and man I could not agree more! This jam here is just so soothing + pleasing, Ebony Loren clearly has vocals that are way above the average singer, she has a special gift and she shined on this record. I am a huge fan of Ebony Loren after listening to this song a dozen times today, hopefully, sometime in 2021 I can bring her by the LL office for an interview, but for now, get familiar with her by pressing play below!



Bad Boy - [Juice WRLD] x [Young Thug]

For well over a year, Juice WRLD + Lyrical Lemonade fans have been impatiently waiting for the release of Juice's last music video that was shot while he was still with us, and tonight I am honored to be bringing you the final product for "Bad Boy" featuring Young Thug. This visual was shot here…

Drankin N Smokin - [Future] & [Lil Uzi Vert]

It has been just about two months since Future and Lil Uzi decided to reveal a secret project entitled Pluto x Baby Pluto, and I think it’s safe to say that music fans have been eating it up ever since. While it’s hard to say that this is one of the best collaborative albums to…

Barbie - [Je$$e]

It’s been a couple of months now and I just can’t seem to get Je$$e’s “Barbie” out of my head. It’s the hook that makes this song such an enticing record. The visuals for this record are also what makes this song unique too as the rising video production team Soul Serum took on the…