cbd – [brakence]

By Danny Adams // 21 Jan 2022

As time has continued to go on and more and more music has been released into the world, I have come to realize just how little boundaries there are for certain artists or genres, and those confines only apply if you let them get in the way. I think that’s why I fell so deeply in love with hyperpop about a year ago, because it seemed like none of these talents were abiding by any sort of rules or regulations but rather doing what they wanted how they wanted, and this has led to a flourishing and profound subgenre that only continues to grow in both popularity as well as innovation. Certain names in this category of music have definitely become nationally recognized, and while I am so grateful and excited that these musicians are bringing light to this impressive new style, I also know that for every recognized artist, there are thousands of other talents trying to make a name for themselves, and it’s my mission to learn about them and find out who truly deserves praise. Nonetheless, brakence is one of the more notable names in this subgenre thanks to his out-of-the-box mentality and precise attention to detail …

Party By Myself – [She Loves Boon] ft. [funeral]

By Danny Adams // 21 Jan 2022

For many artists, the music-making process might just be something simple and easy in order to deliver a song that others will enjoy, regardless of the lyrical content or time that went into bringing the record to life. For others, though, making a song is often a process that not only allows them to reveal some of their innermost feelings and thoughts, but also connect with their audience thanks to an impactful message or narrative. New York City’s very own She Loves Boon is an up-and-coming talent who describes his sound as “emotional trap”, a style that is definitely prevalent when listening through his discography, but it’s definitely also a sound that is new and innovative, two adjectives that get me to tune in to something new immediately, even if I have no idea what to expect. Boon is an artist that I’ve become familiar with over the last few months, but he’s also someone I know I need to pay a lot more attention to, and every song I listen to from his is another example as to why I need to wake up more and more. Most recently, the talented rising star debuted his latest release “Party By …

Flossin’ – [Internet Money] ft. [YoungBoy Never Broke Again]

By Danny Adams // 21 Jan 2022

As if it’s not already a known fact, Internet Money is a music industry powerhouse that’s full of the masterminds behind some of your favorite songs that have come out within the past handful of years. Taz Taylor is the mastermind behind this massively successful endeavor, and Nick Mira is one of the most prominent names in the entire music industry, not just on the extensive and always impressive Internet Money roster, and together, they’re a tag team that is seriously undefeated when compared to anyone else trying to make moves similar to them. While I’ve been waiting as patiently as possible for their B4 The Storm follow-up album ever since I saw just how magnificent a cohesive IM project could be a couple of years ago, I truly think that 2022 could be the year that we finally receive their sophomore album, and that’s something to get excited about, to say the least. They’re constantly grinding and working with promising up-and-comers as well as with household names, and even if they’re not releasing tracks on their own constantly, at least a few producers can be seen in the credits for some of the best songs out right now. So, …

Trench Thoughts – [Persistence]

By Jaxon Brown // 21 Jan 2022

Hailing from one of the modern-era hip-hop breeding grounds in Toronto, Ontario, Persistence has continued to display his growth independently as his exposure gains numbers and consistency with every release. His latest track “Trench Thoughts” is no exception, and on December 29 he released an accompanying visual shot by Frame Giants, which has already racked up 143K views. The track paints pictures of his views on reality, emphasizing ideas of what it’s like to come from where he’s from and what’s been necessary to make it to where he’s at now. Themes of pain and sacrifice reign prevalent, as his dreary, ominous voice perfectly slides over a key-heavy instrumental. “I went to Paris couldn’t play the Euro league, they couldn’t pay what I was making in the streets.” The visual shot by Frame Giants is a meticulous project, with several professional, cinematic features that make it stand out among competition. It captures Persistence flashing jewelry and posted in front of beautiful whips, with incorporated cutaways of creative framing and transitions that add even more splash. His work is already doing numbers, with all of his videos reaching over 100k views and his most popular “Launch Pad” with over a million. …

Can’t Make This Shit Up – [Shaudy Kash]

By Jack Gregory // 21 Jan 2022

I just cannot get enough of Shaudy Kash’s music lately, maybe because of where I am in life, unsure of my next direction and pensive over which route is best to choose, or maybe it is the large quantity of Detroit music I have been inundating myself with for well over a year now, but whatever it is, I am certain that Shaudy Kash is perhaps the brightest diamond in the rough in his talent-flush city. His maturity speaks volumes calmly and the large quantity of music he has already released and continued to do not only follows suit with his successful musical peers in the Motor City, but also to his personal dedication to his craft as an artist, a title I don’t give him lightly. He is in our pages today with his latest visual release, the title track to his recent EP, “Can’t Make This Shit Up” which was brought to life by the hands of Big4Boogie who works often with Kash and has amplified his reach greatly with his visuals that capture his laid-back pragmatism well. I am sure that Shaudy Kash has a surplus of music for us in 2022 and I can’t wait to …

Pop My Shit – [Apex Kato]

By Jack Gregory // 21 Jan 2022

Atlanta artist Apex Kato is making his debut in our Lyrical Lemonade pages today with his anthemic offering “Pop My Shit” that is equal parts boisterous and celebratory and is certain to get the mood right at any party or club it is played in. The Zone 4 native was originally, like so many other exciting Atlanta artists, drawn to music after an injury in football cut his athletic dreams short that saw him get as far as division-one Jacksonville State University. Since 2018 he has been consistent with his releases, steadily gaining profile and fans with each new song and 2022 seems to be the year that he truly puts himself on the map, granted he can continue to be prolific with his output. I look forward to hearing what’s next for him and would definitely suggest adding this song to your playlists.



Can't You Tell - [Yung Swerv]

There's certain times as a music journalist that I can just hear the starpower as soon as I turn on a track, and the excitement that comes with that is an incredibly addicting high. That's exactly how I felt when I was recently introduced to Chicago's own Yung Swerv, whose work I admittedly am late…

Get Refreshed: January ‘22

“Get Refreshed” is a monthly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Please Let Me Explain  Hi. It’s been quite a minute, huh? Whether you realized it or not, I haven’t published this column since the summer of 2021. That’s a long-ass time; it’s even longer if…

damaged – [Kody Lavigne]

If I’m being completely honest and fully transparent, I have to admit that a few years ago, I was not a fan of the direction that music seemed to be heading in. As the music business embraced the internet age in its entirety, it just seemed like so many people who had access to a…