Through the Wire- [Rod Wave]

By Danny Adams // 13 Jul 2020

Although I’m a fan of all types of music, specifically Rap and Hip-Hop, there’s just something so much more special about a song when you know how raw and personal the topics they’re discussing are. Songs about money, drugs, girls, and violence have polluted the genre for quite some time now and those songs can be great, so I won’t say anything bad about them of course. There’s just something so much more eye-catching and appealing about a song where the artist sort of puts it all out there and tells you about a story or experience of theirs that altered their life in one way or another. This is exactly what Rod Wave does on his latest song “Through the Wire”, which takes us on a journey of everything that happened after he got into a near-fatal car accident just last month. The melody for the instrumental is built through a combination of touching guitar chords and tender piano keys that compliment Rod’s voice perfectly. As the beat drops and he begins to sing, thunderous 808s and insistent percussion begin as well, adding some aggression and tenseness to the track. While Rod sings, you can feel this passion behind …

Lucy – [Trust’N] x [Lil Myro]

By LL intern // 13 Jul 2020

Trust‘N is a 22 year-old hip hop and pop artist from Madison, Wisconsin. He is known for his motto of “The Lost Boy” because his music details the story of his life with songs about falling in love, lost love, faith, and a journey of self-discovery. Trust’N always felt as though he was an outcast growing up; while many of his peers didn’t understand him, he knew he was destined for more. The Madison native realized his passion for music as a teen when he began free-styling in car rides with friends. His single “Let You Be” has garnered over a million streams on Spotify alone. Recently, he released a six song collaborative hip-hop album called “Lapse” alongside fellow Madison artist Bkwds. The album peaked at #12 on Apple’s iTunes hip-hop charts and caught the attention of major media outlets. Trust‘N has debuted on platforms such as USA Today, ABC, NBC, Respect Mag, Elevator, Thisis50, Hype Magazine, and even Lyrical Lemonade. Trust’N continues to perfect his craft as an artist, in addition to taking on more of a business role in the entertainment industry. For his latest release, Trust’N and fellow Wisconsin native Lil Myro released their new summer hit “Lucy.” The track …

Won’t Wait Anymore – [CatchTwentyTwo]

By Chuck Ramos // 13 Jul 2020

It is incredibly exciting to find an artist that not only creates compelling music but also can effectively translate their sonic identity into a visual identity. This brings me to CatchTwentyTwo, a Broward County native whose brand of Pop infused R&B captured my attention a few weeks ago. His latest release, a music video for his song “Won’t Wait Anymore,” adds an exciting element to his intoxicating sound. The Anton Anderson directed visual follows CatchTwentyTwo through a series of portrait-like scenes capturing his solitude as he sings of toxic lost love and his assurance towards evolving growth without her. CatchTwentyTwo is unquestionably an artist to keep a very close eye on as he continues to take successful steps towards separating himself through individuality and distinct vocals and vision.  Watch “Won’t Wait Anymore” by CatchTwentyTwo below.

Thought Vs Everybody – [Black Thought] x [Sean C]

By LL intern // 13 Jul 2020

“They ask why I seem so solemn, on a throne between three stone columns, you know the name, fu***** up the game no condoms, everybody goddamn first world problem..” Had you read these opening lines without reading the article’s headline, the only reasonable conclusion is that they belong to Black Thought. The forty-eight year old rap legend continues to astonish rap listeners, exhibiting ZERO signs of decline. If anything, Thought’s lyrical prowess has only increased, seemingly enhancing his vocabulary with every release. Recently, Thought announced Streams of Thought 3: Cane and Able, which serves as the third installment of his Streams of Thought EP series. The latest version is set to release on the 31st of July, with full production from Sean C. Listed features include Swizz Beatz, Pusha T, ScHoolboy Q, Killer Mike, C.S. Armstrong, The Last Artful, Dodgr, and even Portugal The Man. As a teaser, Black Thought chose to release “Thought Vs Everybody,” which is the first single off the upcoming project. Along with the aforementioned opening lines, Thought unsurprisingly bombards the song throughout, intricately delivering one conscious element after another. Sean C’s production is a mellow, yet pacey instrumental with crisp drums and a notable piano echo. Before Thought even utters a word, …

Unrelated – [nodisco.]

By Chuck Ramos // 13 Jul 2020

The talents of nodisco. are making his debut on Lyrical Lemonade today for his newest and absolutely infectious single, “Unrelated.” Although his previous releases have found his sound between upbeat Pop and fun-loving electro, nodisco’s newest release is an ode to his love for R&B. While maintaining his Pop-infused elements, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter brings an upbeat element to R&B through catchy lyrics and vibe-inducing production. Artfully characterizing the true definition of a relationship, nodisco. brings to life the unadulterated feelings of a relationship, past the honeymoon stage, and fully engulfed in the true identity of a relationship. “Unrelated” marks nodisco.’s fourth official single available everywhere and is another towering example of his ability in delivering quality songs with high production value and engaging lyrics. Nodisco. said the below about his new single, saying, “When you first fall in love, the euphoric bliss never seems to come down. You always want to be around each other, you drink, you laugh, you may even talk about surface level philosophy, but you know there’s so much more to you that this person doesn’t know yet. ‘Unrelated’ describes the moment in the relationship when the mask and slight facade you put on to this …

WURK – [Huncho Da Rockstar] [Kblast] & [TisaKorean]

By Brodie Harvey // 13 Jul 2020

The Gogettas are back! The trio that quickly became viral for their janitor-centric dance move and hit record “The Mop” recently dropped a video for their follow up single “WURK”. TisaKorean was the first of the group to really pop but the other members of the quickly rising Houston dance rap crew, Huncho Da Rockstar & Kblast, are coming into their own after going 3 for 3 in their first releases. Each song has had a profound impact on apps like TikTok and Triller, which comes as no surprise with the amount of club-rocking energy these guys bring to each and every track. As Huncho Da Rockstar and Kblast gear up for their debut album #BodyRockers, they dropped some exciting visuals for one of their most popular songs to date. TisaKorean directed the video that features an average day in the life of The Gogettas crew, turning up around Houston while bringing good energy with them everywhere they go. With a flawless record thus far, it will be wildly intriguing to watch them continue their dominance as they lead up to the release of their album. Be sure to keep a lookout as you’re sure to see the names Huncho Da Rockstar …



Legends Never Die - [Juice WRLD]

The story of Jarad Higgins, also known as Juice WRLD, will be one that is told in movies, documentaries, books, classrooms, etc for generations to come. It's almost unbelievable when you think about all that Juice was able to accomplish in his lifetime, but especially in the less than two years that he took the…

Life's A Mess - [Juice WRLD] x [Halsey]

Anybody who is in tune with Lyrical Lemonade knows that Juice WRLD has always + will always hold a place near and dear to all of our hearts, so today was special when his camp announced that his posthumous album, Legends Never Die, will be dropping later this week. The cover art that they released…

dfwmn - [osquinn]

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade readers to an artist out of Northern Virginia that has been creating an insane amount of hype in the underground with a unique sound that is sure to stick with you. Her name is osquinn and has recently caught fire due to her ability to intertwine…